B/R Turns into the WWE: The Dawn of a New Day

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IJune 4, 2009

Welcome back to the series B/R Turns Into The WWE. Sorry for the delay, but we couldn't get LeBron out of the arena because he was crying the whole time and shooting his stress out so the arena was busy.

Yet again I would like to thank the community for keeping Raw as the No. 1 read show! I would also like to thank everyone who submitted there theme songs (when you enter). If you haven't done so already please do submit those. Now here's Raw!

Monday Night Raw

(Jeff) Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw!

(C. #2) We are live from beautiful Orlando, Fla. Home of the NBA Eastern Conference Champions.

(Jeff) I gotta say I was hoping it was going to be Cleveland, but what can you do?

(C. #2) Anyway, we have a great show for you tonight and it all starts with our World Title contract signing.

(Jeff) We our joined by our GM in the ring who is ready to get this thing started.

(Disappear stops playing as Svyato is ready to speak)

(Svyato) I am here for the contract signing between Jason Le Blanc and Joe Burgett. They will be competing for the World Title in a Casket Match this Sunday at Extreme Rules. So please help me welcome them both. First he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Burgett.

(Hunt You Down hits as Joe makes his way down)

(Svyato) Now please welcome his opponent, the No. 1 contender for the World Title, Jason Le Blanc.

(Charisma fills the ring as he makes his way down to an audience that chants his name)

(Svyato) Welcome, gentlemen, to the World Title contract signing. Please have a seat.

(Both men sit down not taking their eyes off the other)

(Joe) You know Le Blanc, I am glad you won that match for the No. 1 contender because now I can once again beat you and prove my dominance not just over you, but over Raw!

(JLB) Do I need to remind you what happened over the past few weeks?

(Crowd cheers as loud as possible)

(Joe) You know what let's sign the contract and make it official, Le Crap!

(JLB) Will do, Joe Burgerette.

(Both men sign the contract)

(Joe) I hope you realized that you have sealed your fate, Le Blanc.

(JLB) I hope you realize that my fate is to beat you for the World Heavyweight Championship.

(Joe) I'm sorry to inform you, but your fate is to be conquered by me and not to conquer me. You'll be just like the others. You'll enter the spotlight and gets lost in it.

And when you find your way out you will be in a casket while I will be holding the World Heavyweight Championship after my victory over you.

(JLB) Oh can you quit with the bull**** spotlight of yours. You act like you're perfect, well news flash...you're not. You have many flaws and problems. For one your tux is terrible. As well as your face. Just looking at it makes me wanna throw up.

And your wrestling skills are no different. This Sunday at Extreme Rules I when your inside that casket I will make sure to set it on fire and get rid of you once and for all.

Not only will you be leaving professional wrestling, you will be leaving this world. And trust me, we won't miss you!

(Joe) Oh Jason, your stupidity amazes me. I'll give it to you, though, your a big dreamer, but hey so was Ryan Michael and look what happened to him.

(JLB) He, you wanna be like that, eh? Fine. Remember the last overconfident champion, Shane Howard? I'm pretty sure you do. Do you remember what happened to him? Again I'm pretty sure you do.

(Joe) There are a lot of differences between me and Shane. For one I can wrestle and he can't. Two, I can actually retain my title when I need to.

Three, I'm not going to get fired in the near future. As for you and Ryan you have a lot of similarities. One, neither of you can wrestle. Two, both of you are ugly as a donkey's behind. Three, Neither of you will ever win the World Title as long as I'm champion.

(Shane Howard makes his way down)

(Shane) Cut the crap, Burgett! Your no better than anyone here! You think you're so high and mighty, reality check, your not. Tonight in our match I'll make sure to take care of you! But for now...

(Gives him a kick to the mid-section and hits his finisher the Packaged Piledriver)

(Jeff) Wow, the tension for tonight is at an all-time high!

(C. #2) It's going to be a great night!

Break(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw everyone, tonight is going to be huge!

(C. #2) That's right we've got Ryan Michael vs. Connor Green.

(Jeff) As well as JLB vs. Captain Charisma.

(C. #2) And let's not forget our main event, which is Shane Howard vs. Joe Burgett.

(Jeff) Right now we are being joined by the tag champions, Ste Eccles and Jason Savage.

(C. #2) Hello, Ste and Jason.

(Ste) Hey Jeff and C. #2.

(Jeff) Are you two going to participate in the over the ropes battle royal?

(Jason) Indeed we are.

(Jeff) Well, everyone, the winner will get a mystery prize. We're not too sure what it is, but after the match ends, the GM will inform us.

(All 10 competitors in the match enter, the people are Jason, Ste, Chris Browne, all members of the Uprising, Adam Testa, Terrell Johnson, Paul Andriuskevicius, Shreyash Dugar)

Bell sounds match begins. Chris going after Jason and Ste. Uprising attacks Testa and Terrell. And Paul and Dugar go after each other. Paul using the power game to his advantage.

He lifts Dugar and tries to throw him out, but Dugar just able to find the rope as he holds on. Now he gets back into the ring. Paul notices this so he gives him a huge running clothesline.

Meanwhile, the Uprising is destroying Terrell and Adam. The numbers game is really having and effect on this. Can't say the same for Chris who is single-handedly dominating the Unified Tag Champs.

Now Chris Irish whips both of them at the same time and double clotheslines them out of the ring. It's down to 8! Chris turns around and gets uppercut by Sulayman. Sulaymankeeps on pounding away until Chris finds the power in him to shove Sulayman away. 

Now Chris delivers a spear to him. Now he takes Sulayman in an attempt to throw him out of the ring instead he is the victim of a bulldog from fellow Uprising member Giorgi.

Now all three members of Uprising work together and eliminate Chris. 7 men left. Here come Dugar, Testa, Johnson, and Paul in an attempt to eliminate the Uprising. But they are fighting back pretty well.

Sulayman throws Dugar to the ground and turns his attention to eliminating Paul, which he does. Six left. Sulayman quickly going to work on Dugar he lifts him and throws him out too.

But while he did that Testa and Terrell eliminated Ben and Giorgi so now it's 2 on 1. Terrell both charge at Sulayman, but he ducks underneath and then pushes Testa to the side as he dropkicks Terrell out of the ring. Now it's one on one!

Both men trade punches until Testa manages to connect his finisher, the Testification. Oh, but look the other members of the Uprising are back in the ring.

He turns around and both of them give him a kick to the mid section then they team up to throw him out of the ring. Since it's NO DQ for this kind of match, Sulayman has just won!

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Sulayman!

(Jeff) And here comes Svyato.

(Svyato) Well congrats, Sulayman! Even though it was not a fair way to win.

(Sulayman) Cut the crap! What do I win?

(Svyato) This...

(Hunt you down hits as Joe Burgett comes out carrying a red and gold belt)

(Svyato) I would like to introduce everyone to the WWE's newest title. It is called WWE's Raw Championship.

(Crowd looks confused and excited at the same time)

(Svyato) And here is your new Raw Champion, Sulayman!

(Joe Burgett hands the belt to Sulayman with a less than pleasant look on his face)

(Sulayman lifts the belt up high in celebration)

(Svyato) But hold on there's more.

(Sulayman) What?

(Svyato) At Extreme Rules, you will defend that title against Ryan Michael!

(Crowd roars)

(Ryan Michael comes out)

(Ryan) Well I'd like to thank you, Mr. Rovenchuk, for the title shot!

(Svyato and Ryan shake hands)

(Sulayman and the rest of the Uprising leave the ring just looking at Ryan)

(Jeff) Well that was truly amazing! And don't leave us now, because Connor vs. Ryan is next!

Break(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw, everyone. Ryan Michael is already in the ring awaiting his opponent, Connor.

(Remember My Name fills the ring as Connor makes his way down to the ring)

Bell sounds match begins. Ryan delivers a dropkick right away. He goes to the top rope he jumps and hits the somersault splash. Here's the cover, 1, 2, Connor kicks out. Ryan up quickly and he lifts Connor with him.

He goes off the rope and delivers a running drop kick. Covers, 1, 2, another kick out. Once again Ryan up he goes off the rope and hits a leg drop. Ryan jumps off the rope and hits moonsault. 1, 2, he rolls the shoulder.

He lifts Connor up and attempts to DDT him instead Connor pushes him away, but Ryan comes running back and delivers a HUGE wheel kick. He covers, 1, 2, oh just barely kicks out.

Ryan now goes to the top rope looking for the shooting star and he hits it right on target. Now he lifts him up and hits his finisher, the Hell Raiser. Here's the cover, 1, 2, 3. This one-sided match is over.

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Ryan Michael. 

(Jeff) Well, Ryan is building some momentum for Extreme Rules.

(C. #2) And the question still remains. What type of match will it be?


(Interviewer) I'm here with JLB. Now tell me do you have a game plan for tonight?

(JLB) I don't think I need one. Especially against some punk-ass rookie. Tonight I will do to Captain Charisma what Ryan did to Connor and that's beat him hands down. He won't even remember what happened. The one and only thing he will remember is the name...




(JLB leaves)

(Meanwhile CC is already in the ring)

(Once again, Charisma hits as JLB makes his way to the ring for his match)

(Jeff) Some trash talking going on between JLB and CC.

The match is underway. JLB taking it right to him with a HUGE spear. Covers, 1, 2, CC kicks out. CC up and JLB delivers a scoop slam. Now goes off the rope and hits the elbow to the Adams apple. Covers, 1, 2, CC kicks out. 

JLB goes to the top rope now looking for the nosedive, he jumps, but CC gets out of the way. CC now gets on top and starts beating at the back of JLB's head until JLB gets him off. JLB gets up only to get hit by a running DDT.

Here's the cover, 1, 2, JLB kicks out. JLB up and gets hit by a german suplex. Another cover, 1, 2, JLB rolls the shoulder. Now CC looking for a clothesline instead he gets a spinebuster.

JLB picks him up and hits a running power slam. Here's a cover, 1, 2, CC just rolls the shoulder. JLB gets on top of CC and locks in the Scorpion Hold. CC struggling to get out of the hold.

Eventually CC does break it. JLB lifting him up, but CC hits him with the one armed DDT. CC now goes to the top rope and delivers the diving headbutt. Here's the cover, 1, 2, JLB rolls the shoulder.

CC getting frustrated. JLB gets up and now CC hits a belly to belly suplex. Now he's waiting for JLB to get up. He does and gives him a kick to the mid section and hits the Detonator. 

Captain Charisma covers, 1, 2, amazingly JLB kicks out. CC lifts JLB and Irish Whips him, but it's JLB getting the advantage by coming off the rope with a clothesline.

JLB now just stalking his prey, CC turns around and JLB hits the Lariat of Death and he covers right away, 1, 2, 3. It's over.

(Announcer) Here's your winner, Jason Le Blanc.


(Ryan) So that's the match?

(Svyato) Yeah.

(Ryan) Sulayman Vs Ryan Michael in a "I Quit" match. I like it!

(Svyato) Well, good luck!

Break(C. #2) Welcome back to Raw, ladies and gentlemen. Coming up next is our main event, but before let's take a look at our Extreme Rules Schedule for Raw for the Unified Tag Titles it's...

Ste & Jason (c) Vs Daris & Blue Chip Vs Adrian & ???(Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match)

In a match where the loser gets booted from the business, it's...

Connor Green Vs Ray Bogusz (falls count anywhere match)

For the new WWE's Raw Championship, it's...

Sulayman(c) Vs Ryan Michael ("I Quit" Match)

And finally the main event. For the World Title...

Joe Burgett (c) Vs Jason Le Blanc (Casket Match)

(Jeff) Anyway here we go with our main event.

(Joe enters to Hunt You Down)

(Shane enters with a smirk on his face)

It has begun. Joe and Shane lock up. Shane tries to throw Joe out through the table, but Burgett overpowers him. Joe now Irish Whips him and when Shane was coming off the rope Burgett delivered a big elbow to the face.

Joe steps outside and grabs a table. He slides into the ring with it. He sets it up, but when he turns around he gets cheap shotted. Shane tries to scoop slam him on the table, but Joe sneaks out behind and connects a neckbreaker.

Joe lifts him up and lifts him up in an attempt to throw him at the table, but instead Shane makes it a slam on top of Burgett. Now Shane takes the table and throws it out of the ring. 

Shane goes to the top rope and hits the flying elbow. Joe now rolls out of the ring followed by Shane Howard. But when Shane arrives Burgett gave him a kick to the rumored to be injured leg.

Joe now pounding away. He drags Shane by the leg to the steel steps. He takes the top part of the steps off. He places Shane's leg on the bottom part.

Now he takes the top part again and continuously keeps hitting Shane's leg. Now he lifts him up looking for the Saving Grace and hits it perfectly.

All of the sudden the lights go out! Some static appears on the titantron. Now then lights go back on with a costumed man (wearing a mask) standing beside a broken table that looks like it had Joe go through it. Referee sees this and calls for the end of the match.

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Shane Howard!

(Jeff) Well, since Joe went through the table, I guess Shane is the winner.

(Lights go out again and the image of the man that attacked Joe appears on the screen)

(Mystery Guy) Joe Burgett, you just got hacked! And don't worry Joe this isn't the last you've seen of The Hacker!

(Lights go out again)

Raw's over!             


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