Bleacher Report's Very Early Top 25 for 2014 College Football Season

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Bleacher Report's Very Early Top 25 for 2014 College Football Season
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You have two options: you can force yourself to hate-watch SEC basketball, or you can begin thinking about the next college football season.

Consider this the red pill/blue pill scenario. Go ahead; take your pick.

For those of you who chose wisely, welcome to an early—and that word cannot be stressed enough—look at college football’s Top 25 for next season.

By the time you read this, (insert very important underclassman here) from (insert prominent university here) will have unexpectedly decided to take his talents to the NFL, shifting the Top 25 accordingly.

It’s a fluid situation, and much is to be determined with key departures and arrivals. But it’s never too early to look ahead. Plus, keep in mind what the alternatives are, and this exercise will gain clarity. 

It’s worth noting that this is not an assessment of schedules, and a team’s path to the College Football Playoff did not impact its ranking whatsoever.

It’s also worth noting that if your team is not included—or is ranked lower than you believe it should be—then just assume I hate your school. This is some sort of vendetta, and you should take it personally. (That is an attempt at humor. We’re going to disagree—as we should—and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.)

I took the red pill, too, remember?

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