These Guys Tried To Make a Tackle, Guess What Happened Next?

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 10, 2014

These Guys Tried To Make a Tackle, Guess What Happened Next?

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    Besides a bevy of backyard or flag football games, I've never buckled a chinstrap or put on some pads to play on the gridiron.

    Standing just 5'8" and weighing 160 pounds, I'm not really built for that kind of punishment, so it's probably best that I stick with soccer, basketball and baseball anyway.

    And just as I wasn't made to play football, some athletes have shown that they might not be cut out for it either, as a few of them tried their best to make a tackle and, well, just see what happens after that.

Sam Martin Slides on By

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    I looked everywhere to try and find a video of Detroit Lions punter Sam Martin doing his version of a tackle against the Minnesota Vikings a few weeks ago.

    Sadly, no dice.

    But at least it's not just a figment of my imagination, as Martin's flop and slide is still all over the Internet in the form of a GIF—seen here.

    Kickers and punters don't get much credit from teammates for being "real" football players and if things like this continue, they never will.

Not Quite Down

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    Remember, kids, the play isn't over until the whistle is blown.

    This Clemson player was reminded of that when he took down a West Virginia player during the Orange Bowl a few years ago, only to see that the Mountaineer ball carrier was never actually down, allowing him to get up and continue running.

    Kind of a tough break for him.

Dude, That's Your Teammate

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    Wait, what just happened?

    I'm not sure how a guy forgets that his team is on offense and not defense, but somehow this dude did just that, as his tackle resulted in stopping a potentially big punt return.

    He may not have been embarrassed for being hurdled, completely whiffing or getting bowled over, but it was bad enough that it earned him a Web Redemption on the show Tosh.0.

No Hurdle for You!

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    Want to know something bogus?

    Apparently hurdling a defender who's trying to make a tackle is frowned upon on the high school football scene, as this play showed.

    With a Bowsher High School player thinking he's in perfect position to take down Louisville recruit L.J. Scott, the burly runner takes to the air, hopping over the player before scoring a touchdown—only to have it called back because it was illegal.

    It's a good thing that the defender got bailed out by the rulebook, because he got owned.

Wrong Guy, Kids

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    Trick plays sure can make a guy look like a dummy, can't they?

    After thinking that his teammates tackled the opposing running back with a rush up the middle, this Andy Halka dude doesn't realize that the quarterback still had the ball until it was too late, with the play now 10 yards behind him down the field.

    Halka may have prematurely clapped to celebrate, but his teammates were the ones who got fooled even worse, gang tackling a decoy.

Johnny Football Can't Quite Tackle

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    For all the things that former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel does on the football field—and there's plenty of them—taking a guy down sure isn't one of them.

    Even as a former defensive back in high school, Johnny Football looks lost in taking the wrong angle here in a game against Alabama this past season.

    Manziel may have created a Heisman-worthy moment in upsetting Bama in 2012, but this may have been enough to have actually hurt is candidacy in 2013.

Sebastian Janikowski's Slip 'N Slide

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    Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski might have been a first-round pick back in 2000, but based off this slide tackling attempt against the Miami Dolphins a few years ago, it sure wasn't his hitting ability that earned him to get picked there.

    This is just hilarious—and pitiful—even if Janikowski is a kicker.

    Sadly it wasn't the only time he's looked foolish going for a tackle, either, coming up lame while backing off in a different occasion.

The Nate Terhune Hurdle

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    If I saw a 260-pound defensive lineman coming at me after a fake play, I'd be terrified for what was about to happen.

    And while Kent State defender Nate Terhune isn't the fastest dude around, he showed that he wasn't all brawn, as he decided to embarrass Ohio University player Daz'mond Patterson by hopping over Patterson's tackle, recording one of the best touchdowns a defensive lineman has ever scored.

Peyton Manning's Flop

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    Yo, Peyton Manning, you cannot be serious with this.

    After tossing a pick against the San Diego Chargers last season, the future Hall of Fame quarterback swiftly found himself as a defender, relied on to help slow down the Chargers player.

    Umm, Manning didn't do that. His attempt was so bad that even the kids on the video were laughing at him.

    Peyton's a funny guy and all, but it's not the best time to get the audience to chuckle during a regular season game.

Kevin Huber Runs into a Wall

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    As bad as I think it is to be a punt returner in football, hopelessly waiting for the ball to land in your hands as 11 grown ass men sprint with one mission in mind—to totally demolish you—being a punter on a return might be just as bad.

    And while most punters or kickers hope that their teammates are able to bring a returner down before getting to them, it doesn't always work out.

    So when Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber attempted to do what he could to bring down Pittsburgh Steelers player Antonio Brown, he learned what it was really like to be a football player, getting blindsided by opposing player Terence Garvin, breaking his jaw and earning Garvin a hefty fine.

The Video Game Tackle

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    What the hell is this, Madden?

    In one of the most hilarious attempts to tackle a guy that I've ever seen, this Philadelphia Eagles defender ignores every fundamental in the book by simply diving at former Cleveland Browns quarterback, Jarrett Brown.

    It was the preseason, so maybe he was just trying to show the coaches a solid effort, no matter how bad it looked.

Jaeden Washington Runs over Them All

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    Rather than just one guy being called out for a terrible tackling attempt, how about this entire team from Ontario who let opposing running back Jaeden Washington of St. Michael’s College literally push them around?

    I'm not sure who the coach of this team is, but it might be time to work on the proper way to take a guy to the ground, because they seem to be lacking in that area—a pretty crucial part of football.

Tom Brady Bails

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    He's married to a supermodel, has three Super Bowl rings and a couple league MVP awards. Just when you thought quarterback Tom Brady seemed to do everything perfectly, he goes out and gives us something like this.

    After tossing a pick against the San Francisco 49ers a few years ago, Brady appears to be in position to at least act as a barrier until one of his teammates catches up to the play—he even had the luxury of the sideline as an ally.

    Yet Brady pulled up, avoiding to take an unnecessary hit.

Tracy Porter Gets "Beast Mode"

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    I live in Seattle, so naturally I might be a little bias about adding running back Marshawn Lynch's electrifying run against the New Orleans Saints on here—but did you see the thing?

    Not only did it cause a freakin' earthquake from the roars of the crowd, but he made Saints defender Tracy Porter look both helpless and silly when he pushed the pint-sized DB down with a massive stiff-arm.

    I bet Porter didn't see that coming when he came in to try and take down "Beast Mode."

That's Going to Leave a Mark

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    Come on now, this one is just classic, with every bulldozing running back being compared to Hall of Famer Earl Campbell after his famous run over Rams defender Isiah Robertson.

    This is a preview of what happens when a large, strong, fast man is on a mission because Campbell drove through Robertson like a wrecking ball through a wall (enter Miley Cyrus reference here).

    Who knew that Robertson's effort would be compared to Miley some 35 years later?