Padres Off to a Strong Start

James Stephens Jr.Contributor IMarch 25, 2017

The Padres have started the season with hope.

Now in June, they are only two games under .500 wins. This is a lot better than their previous performance from last year, having the worst record in the league.

Adrian Gonzalez leading the team to victories along with people like Scott Harriston and Tony Gwynn Jr.

The team does have some players that are in deep slumps this season.

Brian Giles in early June is hitting under the .200 mark and this isn't the normal Brian Giles. He has hit more than 250 career Home Runs.

If Giles can get out of this slump and hit at least .250, the Padres will have a much better chance at becoming at least a wild card team in the postseason.

There has been a lot of talk of former Cy Young winner Jake Peavy being traded, but still Peavy has chosen to stay in SD. Keeping Peavy or trading him can benefit your team and hurt your team.

First, he is a pither with a long career in front of him and the Padres organization knows that. They also know that they could do a lot more to help the team by trading him.

Either way the Padres have shown that there is a chance this season.