Comparing the Top 10 Serie A Teams to Films

Matteo Bonetti@@TheCalcioGuyContributor IJanuary 10, 2014

Comparing the Top 10 Serie A Teams to Films

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    In a league that has some of the most colorful and bizarre characters in all of Europe, it's only fitting to compare some of the teams and owners to movies.

    Often times, some of the stories coming out of the Serie A are ones you couldn't even come up with in a movie, but it has all added to the flair and mystique of the Italian league.

    Here are the top 10 sides in Serie A and how they compare to popular films:

Juventus: The Shawshank Redemption

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    In the past decade, Juventus touched all new depths but were able to come out of the misery and once again become the most successful team in Serie A.

    No matter your view on the Calciopoli scandal, Juventus paid a steep price for their mishap in 2006, playing a lone season in Serie B.

    Oh, and the prison stripes.

Roma: Gladiator

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    Not only is Roma's idol, Francesco Totti, nicknamed the Gladiator, but the city itself was the actual scene for the movie as well as the basis of the great Roman empire.

    The combative spirit of Roma means they are never out of any match, and they have been known to play their best against the fiercest opponents.

Napoli: Manuale D'Amore

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    Above is the De Laurentiis family—one of the most colorful and likable in Italy. If you didn't know, Aurelio De Laurentiis is one of the most successful movie producers in Italy, so it's only fitting that one of his most famous movies was chosen as the title of this comparison.

    He has spent plenty to ensure that his Partenopei become consistent Champions League performers, and his side are pure Hollywood—entertaining, dramatic and filled with superstar power.

Fiorentina: Fight Club

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    Perhaps one of the most entertaining teams to watch in Serie A deserves to be linked with an enthralling flick like Fight Club.

    Not to say that Giuseppe Rossi is the notorious ring leader of an underground fight club in the rolling hills of Tuscany, but his toughness in getting back from injury would mean he'd fit right in.

Hellas Verona: Forrest Gump

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    The ultimate story of an underdog matches perfectly with the most overachieving team in Europe this season.

    Despite meager finances, Verona have managed to climb into European position after making shrewd pickups such as Porto winger Juan Iturbe, who has exploded onto the scene.

    Of course, the experience of Luca Toni has plenty to do with it as well, as he's entered a rejuvenation machine since joining the proud club.

Inter: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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    In the past decade, Inter have felt almost every emotion possible as a sports club.

    The good—winning the treble under Jose Mourinho. For the first time in decades, Inter was able to hoist the Champions League trophy.

    The bad—a consistent stream of bad signings and overpaid players. Most notably, Ricardo Quaresma and Amantino Mancini were bought for upwards of €40 million to spearhead Mourinho's new trident. Mancini was recently jailed for rape, and Quaresma is playing in the Middle East.

    The ugly—Inter's terrible season last year under Andrea Stramaccioni was just plain ugly. They failed to make any European competition, which meant a harder time luring prized free agents in the summer.

Torino: Gran Torino

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    This is a bit of a cheesy comparison, but bear with me.

    The film Gran Torino itself has hardly anything to do with Giampiero Ventura's side, but there are a few strange resemblances. The name hints toward Grande Torino—the historic side that died in a tragic plane crash in 1949.

    The actor of Gran Torino is Clint Eastwood, who definitely had his best moments a long time ago.

Lazio: Lord of the Rings

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    It's that eternal quest for a ring, or in Serie A's case—a trophy that has eluded the Biancocelesti for quite some time.

    Much like the long and arduous journey of Frodo Baggins, Lazio are on the right path to success after hiring Edy Reja and hopefully giving a deflated team a much-needed change of scenery at the helm.

Milan: The Godfather

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    Silvio Berlusconi is one of the most successful owners in the game. He has been in charge of Milan for more than two decades and has had his fair share of problems off the pitch, which have drawn worldwide attention in both tabloids and newsrooms.

    You could very well say that Berlusconi has been the proverbial godfather of the Rossoneri, dragging them out of their despair from the early 1980s and into a new era of domination.

Udinese: Paranormal Activity

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    One of the most successful low-budget films of all time in terms of revenue and Udinese—see the blatant similarity?

    Udinese scouts have continued to unearth some of Europe's best products at a fraction of the price. Most recently, they have found the following: Alexis Sanchez, Juan Cuadrado, Pablo Armero, Mehdi Benatia, Gokhan Inler, Mauricio Isla.