Shaun Alexander: Quickly, to Clear the Air

Cameron VaccarellaContributor IApril 22, 2008

Shaun Alexander has NOT been released. He went in for a physical on the fractured wrist he has, which may lead to his release down the road, but nothing official has happened.

I truly think the Seattle Seahawks should restructure Shaun's contract and keep all the backs except for possibly Mo Morris on the depth chart and head into training camp without controversy, but with a team within a team of running backs ready to win at all costs.

I think it only took the signing of TJ and JJ to light a fire that would get Shaun's ass burning up again to run the football right and with Mike Wahle coming in to fill the lasting void of Steve Hutchinson's, I think they all can co-exist, but only time will tell.

Keep Shaun Alexander, please. I know people don't think they should and a lot of people doubt him a lot, but please don't let my hero go.