Hulk Hogan Still Has Massive Value to WWE for Potental WrestleMania Return

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 9, 2014

NEW YORK - JANUARY 07:  (U.S. TABS OUT)  TV personality Hulk Hogan poses for a photo backstage during MTV's Total Request Live at the MTV Times Square Studios January 7, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)
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Hulk Hogan may be one of the most controversial figures in all of sports entertainment, but he is also still one of the most, if not the most, well known names in the history of the business.

For WWE, this means marketability.

For all the haters out there, there are just as many people who would pay to see the Hulkster back in a WWE ring, even if it is in a non-wrestling role.

Hulk has passed his days of being able to sell a big match, but his name alone is still worth a lot to WWE, and having him at the 30th WrestleMania would only be appropriate.

For all intents and purposes, Hulk Hogan is wrestling. We might not have a WrestleMania at all if it weren't for Hogan's popularity driving in the profits.

His time in TNA probably didn't help him or the company very much, but a lot of that is because he was used wrong.

TNA has a track record of not knowing how to use names that are bigger than the company itself, and that is why WWE would make better use of him. Even with all of Hogan's fame, he is not bigger than WWE, not anymore anyway.

The rumors of a WWE return have always surrounded Hulk, and right now seems like the best chance he has at a comeback even if he isn't actually wrestling much.

Hogan would not only be great for a WrestleMania appearance, but there are plenty of other ways WWE could use the red and yellow warrior.

A manager, authority figure and commentator are all roles Hogan could probably thrive in, and his experience and popularity would help a lot of young talents he would be associating with.

The WWE roster is a lot different from the last time Hogan was in a WWE ring. Many of the guys who are headlining shows grew up watching Hogan, and in some cases even hung around with him as a kid due to their family being in the business.

Hogan probably knew guys like Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes when they were just old enough to walk, and we all know Hogan's history with Randy and Bob Orton.

Hogan being in programs with these guys would be a great way to appeal to older WWE fans who loved Hogan as a kid as well as the younger audience who has no idea who he is yet.

Believe it or not, a large percentage of the WWE audience wasn't even born when Hogan made his last WWE appearance in December of 2007. It's been six years since Hogan was inside a WWE ring.

All the Internet wrestling fans and TNA fans are aware of what he has been doing in that time, but most of the WWE audience doesn't watch TNA and that means Hogan has simply been AWOL in their minds.

There were rumors of Hogan being in attendance for the big WWE Network announcement on Wednesday, but Hogan claims he was elsewhere.

Hearing "Real American" blast through the speakers in a WWE arena for the first time in over six years would pop any crowd and make even the most cynical fan flashback to happy memories from their childhood as a Hulk Hogan fan.

Whether you first knew Hogan in the wrestling boom of the '80s, the NWO years in the '90s or his various appearances in the '00s, it is a fair bet that Hogan is someone you loved at some point.

Young fans would finally get to see the guy they had always heard about, and anyone old enough to remember him would see one of their heroes return to his old stomping ground.

Yes, he's cheesy. Yes, he's almost a parody of himself. And yes, he has made a lot of mistakes in his career. But with all that said, he is still one of the greatest of all time.

Nothing can keep this guy down. Steroid scandals, a messy divorce, jealousy, ego problems among his peers and the finger poke of doom couldn't kill Hogan. He still has life left in him and WrestleMania 30 is the perfect time for WWE and Hogan to benefit from the time he has left as a marketable character.

His ability to get a crowd hyped up is second to none, and his legacy in the sport should not be considered damaged by any of his recent years in TNA.

If Hogan does return, it's not as if he will be main eventing the show. He will either be in some kind of tag match with limited ring time or a non-wrestling role—so the fans who have no desire to see another Hogan Mania can calm down.

Hogan has wrestled on six continents in front of millions of people. He is one of the most recognizable faces in the world. WWE would be stupid to pass up the opportunity to bring in a fan favorite of that level for the biggest show of the year.

His image is so marketable that he could slap his name on a coffee pot, call it the "Whatcha gonna brew, brother!" and people would buy it.

What do you think? Does Hulk Hogan belong at WrestleMania 30, or has he lost all relevancy in his absence from the company? Or do you just not like him enough to care?


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