The NXT Report for January 8, 2014

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistJanuary 9, 2014

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After a holiday break, the NXT Report returns with the second show of 2014, headlined by Hunico and Camacho's latest attempt to wrest the tag team titles away from The Ascension.

The budding rivalry between Adrian Neville and Tyler Breeze continues to grow, and Alexander Rusev continues his dominant win streak.

WWE Director of Operations Kane is scheduled to make an appearance, and Bayley will look to gain a measure of revenge on the BFFs after months of torment.

With new rivalries taking over the landscape of NXT and one tag team feud wrapping up, let's take a look back at what went down on this week's show.



Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla.


Broadcast Team

Byron Sexton, Alex Riley and Tom Phillips


Quick Results

  • NXT tag team champions The Ascension defeated Hunico and Camacho
  • Bayley pinned Summer Rae
  • Aiden English defeated Colin Cassady
  • Alexander Rusev defeated Xavier Woods
  • Tyson Kidd defeated Baron Corbin


Angle Advancement

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Redemption for Bayley

After months of being embarrassed, humiliated and betrayed, Bayley finally got a measure of revenge on Summer Rae by defeating the leggy blonde in the opening match of this week, doing so with the Hugplex (belly-to-belly suplex).

The win was a deserved one for the very over, very adorable Bayley, who has taken a backseat to both Paige and Emma in recent weeks as well as main roster Diva Natalya, who has appeared on NXT recently.

It remains to be seen if this is the end of the rivalry between Bayley and the BFFs (Rae and Sasha Banks), but it definitely felt like it. 

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Revenge for English

On last week's NXT, Aiden English's ego was bruised significantly when he lost a sing-off against "Big Cass" Colin Cassady. This week, he looked to repay the New Jersey native in a wrestling match.

Despite being faced with the fury of the 7' Cassady, English flattened Cassady with the Director's Cut for the win.

English is an outstanding performer and has a gimmick that is ready for the main roster right now. If he can continue to expand his in-ring work, he could very well find himself on Raw and SmackDown sooner rather than later.

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"That way, my beautiful eyeballs won't melt out of my face."

Tyler Breeze may be the most entertaining star on the NXT roster, and he continued to ride his recent wave of momentum this week, having a great backstage back-and-forth with Adrian Neville.

Breeze was noticeably cautious around Neville, whom he cost the NXT title in a match against Bo Dallas, but the two Superstars managed to exchange a few verbal and comedic jabs.

Breeze was outstanding here, finding new ways to insult Neville's looks. "The man that gravity forgot? More like the man that Mother Nature forgot to make more good looking," was a money line and the type of quirky comedy that would get over in today's WWE.

Neville, for as talented as he is inside the ring, was nowhere near Breeze's level in this promo, and it showed.

With that said, the impending match between the two competitors should make for very interesting television.

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Rusev Dominates, Kofi Lays Down a Challenge

Alexander Rusev soundly defeated new main roster Superstar Xavier Woods this week, but it was a post-match interview with Kofi Kingston, conducted by, that set up a big match and the renewal of a mini-rivalry that began when Rusev upset the WWE Superstar.

Kingston admitted that he allowed himself to be distracted by Lana, ultimately costing him the win. He vows to be there next week and wants to face Rusev one-on-one.

It is not yet known whether Rusev accepted the challenge, but given his penchant for inflicting pain and establishing his dominance, it would be more surprising if he did not accept.

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Tag Team Finality

After weeks of feuding over the NXT Tag Team Championship, champions The Ascension defeated Hunico and Camacho in a Tornado match to retain their titles once again.

The match was fine, but many questions came out of it, including what is next for the champions. There is a serious lack of teams in NXT at this point. Unless WWE forms some makeshift teams or brings some of the main roster tandems down to feud with The Ascension, they may be champions without challengers.

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Star of the Week: Aiden English

As I mentioned above, English could easily debut on the main roster today and quickly become one of the most over acts in the company. He portrays his character so well and is so believable in his role that it is not hard for fans to buy into what he is selling.

This week, he elevated his game even more to include the little things. He expressed anger while signing his way to the ring. He looked over his shoulder constantly to make sure Colin Cassady was not going to attack him while he finished singing.

The lack of encore proved how seriously English took the match and added a new layer to the character.

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Match of the Week: Bayley vs. Summer Rae

Hard decision this week, as there was a lot of solid wrestling but not much in the way of anything one could consider "great."

The Divas match was a short, compact bout in which Bayley finally got a measure of revenge over her main tormentor. It was a crowd-pleasing match that actually felt like it advanced a story, so it gets the nod this week.



A placeholder episode this week. Not much was advanced while the underwhelming tag team feud wrapped up and the Divas feud took its latest twist.