Breaking Down 5-Star WR Malachi Dupre's Highlight Tape

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2014

Breaking Down 5-Star WR Malachi Dupre's Highlight Tape

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    Malachi Duprea 5-star receiver from New Orleans, is among the nation's top recruits. At 6'2.5" and 187-pounds, Dupre is a smooth athlete with great length and ball skills.

    He displays solid explosiveness off the line, as well as impressive build-up speed when running routes. Dupre has the ability to detach himself from defenders at junctions with subtle quickness before plucking the ball with his mitts.

    His highlight tape warrants a more in-depth look. 

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Play No. 1 and Play No. 3 0:00-0:07 and 0:13-0:22

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    The first and third plays on Dupre's highlight tape are the same clip, but from different angles. Not much can be seen regarding his release off the line, but his ball skills are on full display.

    Watch how the New Orleans native naturally tracks the throw through the third level with his eyes. Then he uses good judgement and concentration by recognizing he's going to be in a crowd and attacking the ball at its highest point—with one hand.


Play No. 2 0:08-0:12

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    Not much can be seen here, as the play has already started by the time the clip comes on. However, it appears Dupre has used his deceptive speed to climb on top of the secondary. He then showcases his fantastic concentration and ball skills to haul in the pass in the end zone. 


Play No. 4 0:23-0:27

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    The angle of the camera and timing of the clip on this play also limit what can be seen. However, it ends with Dupre leaping and high-pointing a ball over a defender.


Play No. 5 0:28-0:39

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    One can't get a full scope of Dupre's release and route on this clip. However, focus on the post-catch phase of this play when viewing it. Look at the long and smooth stride of Dupre, as he showcases his above-average speed.


Play. No. 6 0:40-0:48

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    This is the play where one can finally get a solid view of Dupre releasing off the line. He doesn't waste any movement or steps, plus he shows good quickness to get upfield at the snap.

    He appears to be given cushion by the defensive back, which he quickly eliminates. Dupre climbs on top of the secondary on the perimeter before smoothly making an over-the-shoulder catch in the end zone.


Play No. 7 0:49-0:59

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    The skills Dupre shows on this play are similar to the sixth play of his highlight tape. He releases quickly off the line before using his long stride to gallop up the perimeter to get to the third level of the defense.

    Dupre then exhibits impressive ball skills and adjusting ability, as he correctly plays the angle of the throw in the end zone.

    Instead of making things tougher on himself by attempting another over-the-shoulder grab, Dupre adjusts to the ball by facing it with a defender on him to make the catch.

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