Chris Jericho Is the Best Wrestler In the WWE

BenContributor IJune 3, 2009

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 5:  (L-R) Former professional wrestler Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat gets thrown to the mat by WWE Superstar Chris Jericho during WrestleMania 25 at Reliant Stadium on April 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bill Olive/Getty Images)

Many will agree with me, some may disagree, but I think Chris Jericho is the best wrestler in the business today. I believe he has been for the past year.

I cannot remember the last time he had a bad match. His promos are better than anyone else's and get the crowd to hate him or love him immediately.

He sometimes doesn't get the recognition he deserves because he so often isn't competing for the WWE titles, which I think shows how good he actually is. He doesn't even have to be chasing a title to tell a good story or cut an awesome promo.

His match at Judgement Day with Rey Mysterio proves he can always put on a good match. I've recently been reading Batista's autobiography. He says even when Jericho's been on planes and out all night drinking, he still comes straight in to the arena and puts on a five star match.

He made a 56 year old man look awesome when he fought Ricky Steamboat at Backlash. Maybe he could even have a good match with Khali? I'd like to see him give it a go.

I would love to see him go back to being Y2J, with his cocky, fun promos, but the way he is now is just as awesome. He comes out, smart suit, straight face, says one word, and the fans hate him. He's has been two contrasting characters, fun and cocky, and now, boring and hateful. But he pulls them both off brilliantly.