WWE WTF: Ric Flair's NFL Teams, Ronda Rousey on CM Punk and More

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WTF is Ric Flair doing naitching with NFL teams? Why is Ronda Rousey flirting with CM Punk? What’s Kofi Kingston doing with a sword?

Ric Flair has once again put himself in an awkward position as he seems to display the same promiscuity for NFL teams as he does for women. Despite being associated with his hometown Carolina Panthers, Flair gave the San Francisco 49ers a pep talk ahead of their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. The 49ers will now play Flair’s Carolina Panthers this week in the NFC Divisional Round, leaving Flair torn between two franchises. Would he be the Nature Boy if he didn’t have multiple football wives?

Ronda Rousey pulled a Michelle Beadle this weekend when she seemed to make a pass at AJ Lee’s man, CM Punk. While tweeting live during Old School Raw, Rousey referred to Punk as sexy. She’s either unaware of Lee’s reported tendencies of real-life jealousy. Even if she is, this is one tree AJ doesn’t want to bark at.

All this and much more as WWE WTF keeps you up to date with the latest weather forecasts!

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