Meet The New Mrs. Fernando Torres!

Diana AguilarContributor IJune 3, 2009

Hearts around the world broke when they heard months back that Fernando and his childhood sweetheart Olalla were getting married some time this year.

I’m sorry to inform you ladies, but the glorious event has already occurred this past week while everyone in the football world was too busy concentrating on the Champions League frenzy sweeping over Europe.

Wow Torres, your desire to remain a normal person and keep your personal life private is impressive. A humble and down to Earth guy, it’s no surprise Nando’s wedding reflected his shy nature. So far this is what is known from the couples nuptials.

The seven month pregnant bride, Olalla Dominguez, or Torres as she’s going to be known as from now on, wore a wait for it—Red dress! Hey, something in this wedding had to be a little spicy right? Fernando and Olalla were married at 14.00 local time, at El Escorial in Madrid by councilman of the municipality Ignacio González Velayos.

Knowing some of you fan girls are crushed, I just want to say at least his happy right? And isn’t that what we want for our beloved No. 9? Olalla seems like a nice woman, unlike some of the other wags that surround the football world, so lets be happy that Fernando has found someone who he wishes to spend the rest of is life with.

Congratulations Fernando and Olalla!

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