That Metta World Peace Rock Anthem Nobody Asked for Is Here

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If you ever find yourself rummaging around the sports garage, you will find we have plenty of Rob Gronkowski parties, an ample supply of precious Mike Woodson reactions and enough steroid debate to fill Alex Rodriguez's beach house. Ah, but we were missing an ode to Metta World Peace. 

Like a Magic Bullet or George Foreman Grill, you don't know you need it until you have one. 

We would like to hat tip the general Internet for this find. Next Impulse Sports, SportsGrid and The Big Lead all enjoyed the show enough to add this to their sites. 

If you are looking for me to completely annihilate this video, look elsewhere. The sugary riffs and simple lyrics are just what I need to get me to the weekend. 

I just like things you don't have to think about

And that's exactly what we get here in the form of the song "Metta World Peace" by PerkyWasted, an apt band name if I don't mind saying. 

I might go a step further and offer that the lyric, "He used to play for the Lakers, but now he plays for the Knicks. His name was Ron Artest, but now it's Metta World Peace!" is so delicious it should be on the menu at Pinkberry—or at the very least carried by the ice cream man who drives down your street. 

As for Metta World Peace—the man, not the song—ESPN's Ohm Youngmisuk reports he "underwent a platelet-rich plasma treatment to improve the condition of his surgically-repaired left knee." 

That leaves him with plenty of time to throw on the Beats headphones and listen to what his long career produced: a fan music video that is a little bit punk rock and a little bit pure bliss. 

Now we await PerkeyWasted's next song, which is sure to be a hit. Perhaps it can find time to pen an anthem to J.R. Smith and all the wonderful work he is doing in the untying shoelaces business at the moment. 

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