Best Feuds for Daniel Bryan as a Member of the Wyatt Family

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 8, 2014

Best Feuds for Daniel Bryan as a Member of the Wyatt Family

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    Bryan, a heel?
    Bryan, a heel?from

    So Daniel Bryan is now a member—albeit a reluctant one—of The Wyatt Family. Just where exactly this storyline is going seems to be up in the air. Is Bryan planning to destroy them from the inside? Or is he, perhaps, planning to usurp Bray?

    Who knows? WWE creative may not even know yet. (At the risk of sounding too cynical, it has to be said that this whole storyline doesn’t feel well-planned out or put together at all.)

    But, with Bryan part of the gang—for now, anyway—what feuds are in store for him? Well, in terms of just how much we want to see these rivalries, let’s have a look at just who the best opponent would be for him in the upcoming months.

5. Big E. Langston

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    Big E. Langston on Monday's Raw.
    Big E. Langston on Monday's Raw.from

    With rising star Big E. Langston looking to be heading for a big push in 2014, could a potential feud with the newly turned Bryan be on the cards?

    Certainly, a prolonged rivalry with Bryan would help establish Langston in the company. It would also  prove his credentials in the ring: if you can’t have a good match with Bryan, who can you have a good match with?

    Of course, a program like this would feel rather thrown-together and random—what issues could the pair have with each other anyway? Hence why this isn’t higher on the list.

4. Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston. could he be Bryan's next opponent?
    Kofi Kingston. could he be Bryan's next opponent?from

    If WWE truly wants to establish Bryan as a bad guy, he may need to destroy a much-loved midcarder first. How else will he convince fans he’s serious about this new direction? He need to do something truly despicable. 

    Perhaps someone like Kofi Kingston could serve as the sacrificial lamb for this storyline? Honestly, it’s not like Kingston is doing much right now anyway, and Bryan could solidify his heel status by brutally beating the star down on television or pay-per-view. It would be a shocking moment, and one that would greatly help get this angle over.

3. CM Punk

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    Bryan and CM Punk were a team until very recently.
    Bryan and CM Punk were a team until very recently.from

    It is easy to envisage a scenario in which CM Punk attempts to talk some sense into his friend and former tag team partner—only to be strongly and violently rebuked. Bryan, egged on by Bray, could declare war on CM Punk for attempting to “interfere” with his life.

    While it probably wouldn’t set the world on fire, Punk vs. Bryan would be a decent time-filler program, if nothing else. And, really, can you imagine the tremendous matches these two would have together, particularly if they were given enough time? This would be a great feud.

2. John Cena

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    John Cena and Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam.
    John Cena and Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam.from

    Is it possible the new alignment with Bray and pals could lead to Bryan clashing with John Cena soon? Cena—the cornerstone of WWE and its undisputed top star—is a natural target for the demented Bray, who appears intent on tearing down the company’s old methods and conventions and started it anew with his own dark and warped vision.

    Not only would Bryan vs. Cena be a great feud (can you imagine the crowd reactions?), it also would help get Bryan back to the main event scene after a long spell in the midcard. Let's hope WWE seriously considers this for a program in 2014.

1. The Undertaker

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    The Undertaker, wants to work with Bryan per new reports.
    The Undertaker, wants to work with Bryan per new reports.from

    Per reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via WrestlingInc) , The Undertaker has asked management to book him in a storyline with Bryan in the future. This isn’t really a surprise: Bryan’s phenomenal in-ring talents likely has various top stars lining up to work with him. If anyone will make you look good in the ring, it's him.

    And it’s very easy to see the former ROH star challenging The Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania XXX and the pair churning out one of the best matches of the year.

    Additionally, the Wyatt family’s spooky cult gimmick would match well with Undertaker’s supernatural act. Can you imagine how busy the WWE production crew will be with the amount of special effects going on?