WWE 2K14: New Legends and Creations DLC Pack Released

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The final DLC pack has been released for WWE 2K14, and it comes with good value. The focus of this pack was the addition of legendary Superstars and expanding the already large creation options in the game.

On the playable character side, Jake "The Snake" Roberts is now available for gamers to control. Roberts' appearance on Monday's Old School Raw couldn't have been better timed. The show broadcast on Jan. 6 and the DLC became available on Tuesday, Jan. 7.

Roberts has one of the greatest wrestling personas in the history of sports entertainment. He also is the master of one of the best finishing maneuvers. His DDT is unlike any other version of the move, and it is recreated nicely in the game.

Joining Roberts in the pack is the former Intercontinental champion "Ravishing" Rick Rude. All of Rude's moves are included with his character—including the gyrations—and so are his airbrushed tights with the Ultimate Warrior's face on them.

The longest-reigning heavyweight champion in history, Bruno Sammartino is also included. Complete with enough body hair to double as a forest animal, the master of the bearhug and recently inducted member of the WWE Hall of Fame is now playable.

The "Million-Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase was already part of the game, but his bodyguard Virgil wasn't. He is now.

Anyone who has always wanted to control Virgil now has their chance to lead him to unprecedented heights of greatness in the WWE.

Last, but not least, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes is part of the new legends included. Rhodes even has the birthmark on his chest for extra authenticity. The bionic elbow never looked so fierce.

On the creation side, there are now 14 new Superstar heads gamers can use to clone and remake into alternate versions of existing Superstars.

Here's a list of the new heads available:

  • Alberto Del Rio
  • Antonio Cesaro
  • Batista
  • CM Punk (long hair)
  • Daniel Bryan (clean cut)
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Goldberg
  • Kane (no mask)
  • Mankind
  • Ryback
  • Sheamus
  • The Miz
  • Triple H (short hair)
  • Undertaker (long hair)

It's pretty easy to make Kane in his Authority attire with this head. Also, if Batista dons new attire when he comes back on Jan. 20, you'll be able to make it match the game with his clone. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, the pack costs $8.99 individually, but it can also be acquired with the WWE 2K14 Season Pass. For $19.99, you get access to this DLC pack and the two that preceded it in November and December.

Various unlockables, new moves and Superstars were included in those rollouts. Click here for full details. If you haven't already, watch the video above to see each of the legends in action and the new Superstars heads.

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