Charlotte Bobcats: Five Free Agents That Could Make Them a Contender

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Charlotte Bobcats: Five Free Agents That Could Make Them a Contender
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Well let me just say this: The Charlotte Bobcats are one hell of a team.

Gerald Wallace is a great teammate and a great player. He has an authentic basketball style and his jump shooting is not bad either. He is a key leader on this Charlotte team.

They have great players and a great coach in Larry Brown. He, as a coach himself, has had some huge turnarounds in his NBA career.

When he took over the Detroit Pistons in the 2004-05 season, he turned them into a championship-caliber team.

When Brown took over, the team's previous season record was 50-32. The next season, Brown led the Pistons to the NBA Championship with a overall record of 54-28.

But don't get me wrong, Brown also has had his ups and downs like all coaches. In the 2005-06 season, he took over the New York Knicks and finished 23-59. He was fired after one season with the Kicks.

Now to the top-five free agents the Bobcats could acquire to make them a "great" team.

  1. Josh Howard: Howard is a strong, physical guard who can put the ball on the floor, and he has great range as well. Howard would be a great all-around swingman to assist Wallace. These two on the same court could cause several matchups that would favor the Bobcats. Howard is also a great finisher and an  electrifying player. I think this would also be a crucial pick up for the Bobcats.
  2. Allen Iverson: A.I. is one of the best at drawing fouls and penetrating from the perimeter. I think with a guy like Iverson on a team where Felton is the best ball handler, Iverson could do some great things for Charlotte. Also, I think Iverson has always had to be the one to step up in crunch time, and with Wallace on this team, I would think he is the late go-to man. Iverson would play well with Wallace.
  3. Jamal Crawford: Crawford would be another good fit for the Bobcats. He's a versatile wing man who can shoot, find space in a defense and also defend well. I think Crawford could add a little intensity to a team like the Bobcats. Jamal has also been known to take shots early in the shot clock. I think with this team, though, he would have many chances to touch the ball and contribute to the offense.
  4. Ron Artest: Wow! I don't think I have to say much about this guy. He is a straight-up die-hard player. He can lock down an offensive threat, he can handle the ball well, he can shoot over someone. He can do it all! I think for Charlotte to land him, it would take a lot, but man if he came to the Bobcats they would be a power house. Artest is a player who is humble, who is all about winning and at the same time a leader. He and Wallace are similar in their ways, but Artest is one of the all-time best.
  5. Al Harrington: Harrington to me is a great player. He is one of those non-traditional power forwards. He can step out and knock down those easy jump shots, or he can put one of those low-post moves on you. That's why I think he is one of the league's premier power forwards. He is a tremendous rebounder and and has a ton of putbacks each game. I think he would be a great land for the Bobcats. He is a great all-around player and will do what is asked of him and then some more.

These are just a few players that could contribute to the Bobcats in my opinion, if you can think of some more, or if you think some of these would not make a good fit for the Bobcats let me know. I think with one of these players, the Bobcats could potentially be a good contender next season.


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