Dennis Rodman Sang Happy Birthday to Kim Jong-un, Then Played Lazy Basketball

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalSenior Writer IIDecember 16, 2016

Dennis Rodman and a contingent of over-the-hill basketball players did their best TGI Friday's waiter impression and sang to Kim Jong-un on his birthday. 

We are only slightly surprised there wasn't any cake. (Nobody ever wants to share, anyway.)

The Washington Post's Chico Harlan has a full report on Kim, who was reportedly enjoying his 31st birthday with live basketball festivities on Wednesday. 

It all started with Rodman—a man who we are confident would build a tree house with the North Korean leader and spend the summer in it if that were an option—singing the iconic birthday anthem. Oddly, he decided to start in the key of Marilyn Monroe. 

As Harlan reports, cameras weren't allowed into the arena. However, Sky News was apparently granted access, or were gifted this footage, because it made its way to their YouTube account

And thank goodness for that, because we wouldn't have had an answer to, "Can Rodman still play in the NBA?" Granted, that may have been obvious before, but it's now quite evident. Rodman plays with as much enthusiasm as Andrew Bynum. 

My favorite part might be at the 1:19 mark, when Rodman gets a rebound without jumping. 

Rodman wasn't quite finished because he offered this profound quote: "It's a very historical day today for everyone in the world to see that we can coexist with each other if we just take a deep breath and absorb this—how we look at certain things. So I think it went very well for everyone involved."

Well, it's not something Aaron Sorkin would have written, but at least Rodman didn't have a meltdown, as he did on his previous trip. 

If we had to guess, this isn't the last time Rodman stops by his buddy's house to play. Perhaps he will show up next year for big birthday No. 32. Maybe he can jump out of a cake. 


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