These Drunk Fans Are the Worst

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These Drunk Fans Are the Worst
Scott Barbour/Getty Images

For those of us that can handle our alcohol, drinking and sports go together pretty darn well. It’s simple mathematics: Something fun + something else fun = something funner. Never forgetting the very important caveat about the ability to keep it together. 

Then again, simple mathematics can also explain why combining booze and sports can be a risky prospect. Something that inspires great passion + something that heightens emotions and decreases inhibitions = a potential major disaster in the making. 

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a reasonable number of drinks with friends to enhance the sports-watching experience. Unless you’re a sloppy drunk prone to engaging in shenanigans that diminish the sports-watching experience for everyone around you. 

Like, for instance, the folks in this slideshow. These drunk fans are seriously the worst. 

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