WWE Classic of the Week: Remembering the 2007 Royal Rumble Match

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 7, 2014

Photo courtesy WWE.com

There are plenty of Royal Rumble matches that stick firmly in the memory as historic and defining. With the 27th edition coming up later this month, the previous 26 have been littered with some amazing moments that have shaped people's careers.

The 2007 edition was a Royal Rumble where a historic and unique spot in the match was finally taken advantage of. Of the 19 Rumble matches preceding the 2007 match, not one single Superstar had won the match from the coveted No. 30 slot.

That all changed when The Undertaker's entrance as the final participant of the Royal Rumble saw him become the last man standing for the first—and, so far, only—time in his historic career. However, despite him entering as the final man, he lasted the 11th longest period of time in the entire match.

It was a match that featured yet another supreme effort from Kane—a man who is arguably one of the finest Royal Rumble competitors of all time. His stretch of well over 13 minutes and three eliminations was yet another valid contribution from Kane, and he more than played his part in the Rumble of 2007.

Surprisingly, The Great Khali also played an impressive role in the Rumble. Despite entering at No. 28 and being in the match for under four minutes, he eliminated a phenomenal seven men in that stretch. Of course, it was at a time when he was far higher on the card in the WWE, but it was still a superb effort.

Despite the match lasting 56 minutes, it is arguably the final eight minutes that could rank amongst the best in Royal Rumble history. Just two men were left—Undertaker and Shawn Michaels—who would later go on to have some of the best matches in WrestleMania history a few years down the line.

In truth, the match could well have ended shortly after Edge was eliminated in the 28th spot—he had been in the match for just under 45 minutes and had played his part in a classic Rumble.

What was to follow after that elimination was a piece of WWE history, though. The eight minutes Undertaker and Michaels went at it was wrestling gold, as they traded chokeslams and Sweet Chin Musics to each other to no avail.

Michaels was, of course, wrestling in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas, and the odds looked remarkably good for a HBK victory for him to advance to WrestleMania as the main eventer. However, it was to be Undertaker who withstood the barrage—and he created a bit of history in the process.

He tossed Michaels over the top rope in stunning fashion to claim the victory—his first in Rumble history and the first from any man to win at No. 30. Whilst Michaels and HBK have had a rich and fruitful history at WrestleMania, it was here where that amazing and legendary rivalry took off.