Raw Review: Old School Raw, Daniel Wyatt, Jake the Snake and More

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJanuary 7, 2014

WWE Old School Raw did not disappoint in delivering comfort food for WWE’s always-nostalgic fanbase.

Roddy Piper played his part perfectly in keeping the Shield, most notably Roman Reigns, relevant. After another Shield-heavy show, Reigns’ stock continues to balloon to main event proportions. Few will argue that it was nice to see Jake “The Snake” Roberts back on WWE TV, but the timing couldn’t have been worse with Roberts big-footing Reigns’ career win over CM Punk.

Brock Lesnar’s impending feud with The Big Show is exactly what he needs to have momentum headed into WrestleMania. A dominating Lesnar victory over Big Show should establish him as a threat to end The Undertaker’s streak if a Lesnar-Taker dream match takes place in April.

Daniel Bryan’s first week as a Wyatt was intriguing and can be a good storyline as long as tension lingers between the former babyface and his newfound family. In all likelihood, this feud will lead to some sort of stipulation match between Bryan and Bray Wyatt come WrestleMania.

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