WWE Royal Rumble: What I Want from the Rumble

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIJanuary 7, 2014

WWE Royal Rumble: What I Want from the Rumble

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    This year's Royal Rumble outcome, like any other, holds great unpredictability.

    Last year, we knew John Cena would be the victor. It was The Rock vs. Cena II and there was nothing the fans could do to stop the nonsense. 

    I personally liked the match, but that's irrelevant. 

    What was meant to be "once in a lifetime" turned out to be "twice in a lifetime," which just doesn't make logical sense. 

    Give World Wrestling Entertainment credit, though.

    We are only 24 hours away from hearing the groundbreaking announcement about the debut of the WWE Network (whoops), 13 quick days from Batista's return to the company and less than three weeks from my second favorite pay-per-view of the year. 

    It's a very exciting time in wrestling, and all of you should be excited.

    This year is much different from 2013. Cena will not win and Orton will not win. Doesn't that make it much more unpredictable? Unless you are Nostradamus, nobody knows exactly who will be victorious on January 26 in Pittsburgh.  

    By the way, I'll be in attendance at the show.

    This list consists of the four things I want at the Royal Rumble this year. I hope you enjoy... 

Roman Reigns

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    I want Roman Reigns to start his ascension to the top of WWE's food chain. Rumors have been swirling for the past few months about Reigns making his mark at the marquee event. It wouldn't be a total surprise if he wins the whole thing. 

    Of course, WWE is not crazy enough to book that, and it would ultimately ruin Reigns' career. Just ask Ryback and Sheamus about fast pushes. 

    Reigns is easily the top star of The Shield, amidst the star power of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The man formerly known as Leakee will be the top player in WWE for years to come. 

    January 26 is the day to prove that to the WWE Universe.

    It is easy for those on the Internet to say he will succeed, but the fans that don't parade through a keyboard need to realize that as well. Reigns will provide a spotfest of spears that could break Kane's elimination record in one Rumble. 

    The young man eats, sleeps and breathes wrestling. The only problem in his game might be his mic ability. If he's going to stay a top star, that must change in the coming months. Notice I didn't say years.

    His meteoric rise will begin at the Rumble and climax at WrestleMania. You can thank CM Punk for that. 

    What are your realistic predictions for the number of spears he will lay down? My guess is 12.


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    Do as the picture says WWE and make the show fun. Even if it is Santino Marella and Mick Foley battling inside the ring with their respective animals on their hands, make the pay-per-view fun. In fact, why not have Antonio Cesaro giant swing a man out of the ring for an elimination? 

    It's all about spots at this point. Over the years, Kofi Kingston has been the man to provide some exciting times at the Royal Rumble. Who knows what he will do this year, but I'm sure it will be a spectacle to see. 

    Here's another idea: remember the Monster's Ball on ECW years back? 

    Just do a repeat of that in the ring at the same time for a big spot. Get the Big Show, Mark Henry, Ryback, Brodus Clay and Tensai collectively and just let them do battle. We've seen the big guys get taken down by 15 other men too many times before. Let the big guys settle it like big guys. 

    WWE is about entertainment, in fact, it's in the name. Entertaining the fans is what it's all about. Fun is included in that same statement. 

    Make the Royal Rumble fun WWE. Please. 


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    The number 30 doesn't have more significance in the wrestling world than it does at the Royal Rumble.

    Here are the 10 most recent No. 30 entrants that shocked the WWE Universe. 

    • 2004—Goldberg
    • 2005Ric Flair
    • 2006Randy Orton
    • 2007The Undertaker
    • 2008John Cena
    • 2009Big Show
    • 2010—Batista
    • 2011Kane (40 entrants that year)
    • 2012Big Show
    • 2013Ryback

    Not all were shocking, but nonetheless, fans all around the world anticipated them.

    When Edge and Cena each came back early from injury, the roof blew off the dome. Whoever is No. 30, if done properly, gains the biggest pop of the calendar year in WWE. 

    Surprise is what the Rumble is all about. Last year, Chris Jericho returned to the No. 2 spot. Nobody saw that coming. That's what makes the Royal Rumble fun and unforgettable.

A Royal Rumble Moment

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    This picture.

    Every year, I look forward to this image that lasts a lifetime. It will be the final image we see as WWE fades to black later this month, signifying that the road to WrestleMania has begun. 

    It won't matter who is doing the pointing, but the symbolism it reflects leaves a lasting impression on us all. That man will be headlining WrestleMania, which is why having only one true champion enhances the importance of the Royal Rumble. 

    Brock Lesnar has claimed he is the No. 1 contender.

    That is true, but historically, the Rumble winner battles the current champion at the granddaddy match of them all. We have heard so much about finding someone's WrestleMania moment, but this can be dubbed their Royal Rumble moment. 

    Hypothetically, if a young superstar was to win later this month, imagine the stories that will be told and memories shared. He will be able to call himself the "Next Big Thing," or "Next WWE World Heavyweight Champion," or just "the 2014 Royal Rumble Winner." 

    The same can be said for any WWE superstar.

    All signs point to Batista winning it right now. It's still unknown, and at the moment, Vince McMahon and Triple H have done a great job booking it.

    In 19 days, we will have yet another Royal Rumble moment that will live famously forever. A finger point to last a lifetime.

Who Will Be the Royal Rumble Winner?

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    Who do you think will be victorious?

    The money seems to be on Batista at the current moment; however, I've also heard Sheamus mentioned as a potential winner.

    Rumors are just rumors at the end of the day. It's still very fun to predict who will win and get his finger point of a lifetime.

    There are 30 men...sharing one dream.