10 Surefire Guarantees for 2014 National Signing Day

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJanuary 8, 2014

10 Surefire Guarantees for 2014 National Signing Day

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    Wednesday, Feb. 5 will be another normal day for some people, but to college football recruiting fans it's nearly a holiday. National signing day is the biggest day of the year for recruiting, as it's when everything comes to a head.

    The 2014 edition figures to be full of surprises—but also full of guarantees. Anyone who has followed recruiting through the years can see from a mile away some of the quirky events that are bound to happen again.

    Several surprises will take place among commitments, while at least one coach will blast the way recruits are rated. Plus, there will be more arguing going into the 2015 cycle. 

A Player's Nickname Will Be Disclosed

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    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    National signing day has become a big event in the sports world, so these days reporters do a ton of research in preparation for the day.

    The extensive coverage of national signing day often includes the disclosure of recruit nicknames that few will have heard at this stage.

    Get ready to hear about a "Boogie," be primed to hear a 5-star prospect is known as "June Bug," and don't be shocked when the headliner of your favorite school's class is called "Scooter" by the head coach during a press conference. 

A Coach with a Low-Ranked Class Will Talk About How Much He Loves His Class

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    On national signing day, every coach speaks about his recruiting class at a press conference in the afternoon. However, not every coach likes his class as much as he says.

    Coaching staffs know when they have a group of players who aren't as good as others in their conference. Of course, recruiting rankings are a good way to see which programs have the best (and worst) classes.

    However, on national signing day, at least one coach with a low-ranked class is going to go off about how much he loves the group of recruits he just signed. He'll do it probably to convince himself and his coaching staff more than anything. 

A Recruit Will Cry During His Announcement

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    Recruiting takes a large toll on prospects, as many of these players have been under pressure for several years. 

    The day comes for them to get it all over with, and it can be emotional. Other recruits are so happy to sign with a school and realize their dream of playing college football. 

    No matter the reason, at least one recruit will shed some tears during his announcement on national signing day.

A Player Set to Announce Will Delay His Decision

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    National signing day announcements are always crazy to cover because so much speculation swirls around each declaration. 

    However, there's also been some crazy instances of prospects getting cold feet when announcement time comes around. Perhaps it's not the time to name any names, but some known college football players have delayed their decisions through national signing day in the past.

    At least one player will do it again this year.

A Shocking Decommitment Will Happen

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    Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

    National signing day is always full of surprises, and this year shouldn't be any different. Surprise decisions are a large part of the reason why the day is so exciting.

    Every year, at least one college coach gets that dreaded call from a recruit telling him that they are going to another school after being committed for so long.

    A good example of this is Shiro Davis shockingly flipping to Texas from LSU in 2012.

A Coach Will Blast the Star-Rating System

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    How many stars attached to a recruit's name is one of the very first things a fan looks at. People want to know how many 5-star and 4-star recruits their favorite program is bringing in.

    However, college coaches spend a ton of hours evaluating hundreds of recruits. A prospect that is a 3-star recruit according to a recruiting website may actually be viewed as a 5-star recruit to a college coaching staff.

    On the other hand, a player considered a 5-star prospect by major recruiting services may not hold the same clout in the coaches' eyes. That's why a head coach is inevitably going to blast the star-rating system that's used by many recruiting websites and rankings on national signing day. 

A Strange Declaration Will Happen

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    Throughout recent years, national singing day has seen some strange declarations by recruits. From using a puppy to tossing hats to wearing a strange shirt, recruits are getting weirder and weirder with how they announce their decisions.

    Well, get ready for something weird to happen again this year. Maybe a recruit will bring out a live gator at his press conference to announce he's going to Florida? 

A Shocking Commitment Will Happen

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    At least one underdog school usually pulls out a recruiting upset every national signing day. Last year, safety Vonn Bell surprised many by picking Ohio State.

    Other surprising commitments have occurred on national signing day throughout the years, so be prepared for another one this year.

Someone Will Blast the Way Recruiting Is Covered

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    Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

    It happens every year on national signing day—someone, somewhere rips the way recruiting is covered nowadays.

    Recruits are made into celebrities without proving themselves. They're over-hyped. They shouldn't be televising announcements.

    Sorry, just getting you ready for what you'll hear on national signing day.

Fans Will Argue over Who Has the 'Real' No. 1 Class

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    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Alabama has the No. 1 recruiting class in the 247Sports recruiting rankings right now.

    However, no matter how dominant 'Bama's class is, there's going to be a large amount of fans at Ohio State, Texas A&M, LSU, Florida State and Tennessee arguing tooth and nail about how their respective schools have the "real" No. 1 class.

    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.