Awesomely Ridiculous Mascot Fails

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 8, 2014

Awesomely Ridiculous Mascot Fails

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    As sports fans, we know that every once in awhile it takes a little extra enthusiasm for us to get loud, get rowdy and show our team support.

    That's why teams have mascots.

    You see, an over-sized stuffed animal might seem like a fictional character who is brought in as the ultimate hype man, but deep down beneath that costume is a human being, as clumsy as you or I can be.

    Because of that, mascots fail—a lot—which is why I'm giving you some of my favorite mascots who completely failed to do the one job they had by biting it.

Denver Nuggets Mascot Gets a Bit Lightheaded

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    I personally couldn't imagine swinging from a couple wires hundreds of feet above a basketball court, wearing nothing but a fluffy costume.

    So when the Denver Nuggets asked their mascot SuperMascot Rocky to do it, he probably had some reservations.

    The only problem is that if you asked him right after doing it, you wouldn't have gotten a response, seeing how the dude inside passed out after being lifted down.

    A scary scene for sure that probably won't be duplicated anytime soon. 

Dallas Cowboys Mascot Lets His Guard Down

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    If there's one rule that every single mascot should know, it's to never break character or lose your head—literally.

    Unfortunately, Dallas Cowboys mascot's emotions got the best of him, producing one of the most depressing photos anyone has ever seen of a mascot.

    It might not be a fail like some of the others on this list, but it was a bad move in its own right.

Bucky the Badger Gets the Wood Laid on Him

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    Male cheerleaders might take some heat from people, but, as this video proves, you might want to think twice before messing with them.

    Looking like Bobby Boucher after being heckled about water sucking, this Michigan State cheerleader didn't find Wisconsin mascot Bucky the Badger's swift steal of the Spartan flag too humorous, tackling him to the ground.

    Note to self—never mess with another man's flag.

Utah Jazz Mascot Puts His Dukes Up

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    Some fans just need to lighten up.

    That's what I'd tell to this Cleveland Cavs fan who couldn't take the joke of being called a loser from the Utah Jazz mascot, Jazz Bear.

    Turning on the grizzly and swinging at him, the Cavs fan got what he deserved when he got escorted out of the arena.

    Still, I'm sure this little stunt isn't something that the Jazz will be doing too often, seeing how this instance turned out.

The Fighting of the Bulls

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    Does anyone know if Lil' Benny is the son of Benny the Bull, or just a relative?

    Regardless of the answer, it seems there's a little bit of tension between the younger and older one, because this video has the Lil' guy tossing a basketball at his co-mascots nuts!

    I've heard of sibling rivalries before, but displaying it at mid-court of an NBA game is taking it to a whole new level.

The Headless Mascot

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    As I mentioned in the slide with the Dallas Cowboys mascot, one of the primary responsibilities of a mascot is to never break character or lose their head.

    While sometimes losing a head might mean to stay calm while fans yell at you, try to hit you or boo you, other times it is a lot more literal.

    Take this instance with Cincinnati Reds mascot, Mr. Redlegs, who lost his giant baseball dome after getting tossed off a moving ATV.

    Everything about this video makes me never want to become a mascot—sheer embarrassment.

Silly Bird, Mascots Can't Skate

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    This one is just sad, isn't it?

    I have no idea whose team this mascot is, but seeing how all of his compadres are skating around the ice just fine while playing a mascot hockey game between periods of a Carolina Hurricanes game, this poor dude can't keep it together.

    Admittedly, ice skating can be tough—even without a heavy mascot costume on—but you'd think it would be a requirement in this case.

The Philly Phanatic

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    I'm just going to go ahead and say it—I'm happy the Philly Phanatic got hit with a baseball here.


    Basically because the furry, green-haired, whatever-the-hell-he-is thing scares the crap out of me.

    He may be one of the most respected and popular mascots in all of sports, but all that dancing caught up with him here while he was least expecting it, getting nailed by a ricocheted ball.

    Sure, he bounces right back up after the knockdown, but it still had to hurt.

Vanderbilt's Mascot Has a Short Fuse

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    Again, for all future mascots—never lose your cool!

    While fans may do what they can to have you break character, it's important to remain calm and jolly so that other people in the stands don't catch you doing something stupid.

    Unfortunately, Mr. C—the Vanderbilt University mascot—must have slept through that portion of Mascot School, because he didn't only bloody-up a fan, but he actually got into with a fellow Commodore supporter.

    I have a feeling this isn't really increasing school spirit.

Brutus Gets Bullied

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    As someone from Ohio, I know that there are plenty of kids who went to high school together yet found themselves going to rival colleges.

    And for some reason, I'd like to think that the Ohio University mascot, Rufus, happened to have some sort of spite from high school for the kid wearing the Brutus costume here, because he just wouldn't stop trying to take him down.

    Who knows why this bobcat was trying to devour this Buckeye, but it looks like the Ohio State mascot wins for shrugging the whole thing off.

A Terrible Jam

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    Does this look like a good idea to anyone?

    In fact, how the hell did this little stunt even get approved by the school administration?

    Maybe more importantly, what's with the fans in the stands actually clapping, cheering and laughing after this poor mascot bites it hard while trying to slam off of an exercise ball?

    Whatever happened to just using a trampoline to attempt a dunk?

A Duck and a Coug Get into It

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    I'm guessing you've seen this epic fight between the Houston Cougars mascot—Shasta—and the Oregon Duck from a few years ago.

    Rather than just watching and cheering on the hard-hitting action on the field, these two animals took the tackling to the sidelines, going after each other as if they were arch enemies.

    This would be one of the funniest things a fan in the stands could see.

The Dancing Queen Falls

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    As any good dancer should remember—always know your surroundings.

    In this case, it appears that Reno Aces mascot Wolfie forgot how much space he really had to boogie on down, moonwalking his way off of the dugout.

    Thankfully, the video here doesn't have sound, because hearing the cracking of bones of this dude would be too much to handle.

Toronto Raptors Mascots

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    I've seen a drunk guy having problems keeping his balance and walking, but, before seeing this, never had I seen a mascot do it.

    Unable to stay up on his roller skates, the Toronto Raptors inflatable mascot was the toast of the arena after the fans laughed at his epic fail.

    Not only does he tumble down the steps, but then eats hardwood by falling face-first on the court.

Brutus Gets Torn Up

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    Editor's Note: Video contains strong language.

    All I can say is, thank goodness this didn't happen during an actual football game, or else there would be a ton of disappointed and hurt Ohio State fans.

    As it is, seeing Brutus go down by way of a monster spear by since-transferred linebacker David Perkins, it's still pretty gruesome.

    Oh well, maybe now mascots won't get so close to the action.

They Say It's Your Birthday

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    It's not uncommon for mascots to recognize fans on their birthdays somehow.

    But while it's usually with a picture or a spot on the Jumbotron while the rest of the stadium sings, this Utah Jazz fan actually got a cake.

    Just one problem—the Utah Jazz's bear tilted the thing too much, having the sweet treat slide right off and down to the section below, nailing some dude squarely on the head.

    That's one birthday present no one forgot.

Blindsided Mascot

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    This is such a weird video.

    Following her win at the 2009 Women's Track and Field Championships, Jamaican runner Melaine Walker got a piggyback victory lap from the event's mascot, Berlino.

    It's too bad that the fuzzy creature didn't see the stable objects in front of him while celebrating, though, getting knocked on his ass after running into a truck.

    Props to the announcer for keeping his cool through all of this though, brushing it off to interview second-place competitor Lashinda Demus instead.

That's One Roasted Wing

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    Could this little incident be the inspiration for the scene from Old School?

    It sure as hell appears that way, doesn't it?

    Hoping to psych up the Anaheim Ducks fans before their opening game back before their home opener in 1995, the team's mascot got burned while trying to jump through this burning hoop.

    As you can see, roasted duck ended up on the dinner menu that evening.