Tim Tebow Nearly Predicts Final BCS Championship Score

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Like giddy kids on Christmas morning, ESPN couldn't wait to bust out its new toy and play with it. Apparently, this version of Tim Tebow might be able to foretell the future. 

Deadspin's Timothy Burke did what he does best and caught a small but extremely interesting slice of the big game Monday night. That video was picked up off YouTube by Complex Sports, so we tip our hat once to both. 

As for details, it's really quite simple. Tebow, with his ability to see through time like many of you peek out the window, nearly hit the bull's-eye when it came to the final score of the BCS National Championship Game, which ultimately saw Florida State beat Auburn, 34-31. 

As you will see and hear in the video above, Tebow offers his assessment prior to kickoff: "With Jameis Winston and Telvin Smith's leadership in the fourth quarter, I think they win 35-31."

That's scarier than the first time I realized I paid money to watch Paranormal Activity—spooky, even. 

If Tebow were allowed to continue, he might have regaled the audience with what they were going to have for dinner that night, or perhaps given us the results of the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics. 

Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch reported on Dec. 30 that ESPN had hired the former NFL quarterback to join its SEC Network. 

ESPN wasted no time in getting its favorite athlete onto the air, featuring him in an odd Trent Dilfer vignette that insinuated Tebow had finally turned a corner and was closer than ever to being the NFL quarterback that general managers would want on their rosters. 

And then ESPN had Tebow offer his opinions ahead of the BCS championship game. For lack of a better word, Tebow was, well, swell

He was informative, concise, charming and assertive—if not just a touch nervous. When you consider one of his first assignments was to analyze the biggest college football game of the year, he did a darn good job. In fact, we are confident this Tebow guy will excel in his new gig. 

If you weren't already sold, NFL.com's Chase Goodbread went through some of Tebow's pregame assertions and matched them with the end result. The verdict? Tebow no longer has any accuracy issues.

There is no need to play another season. We now have the Tebow machine to spit out the results well ahead of time. 

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