Haters: The Toughest People Ever! I Am Serious! Honestly!

Matt ConstantCorrespondent IJune 3, 2009


We love them...wait, no, we just hate them.

You all know who the haters are. They are the fans who bash other fans around, call them nasty names for liking certain teams, sending players and coaches death threats.

Why are there haters?

Why bring this up? I bring this up because I predominately see haters on the Internet and there are a few of my friends that are haters just for people liking other teams.

I will give you 10 reasons why we have people like this on the Internet and in person.

1. On the internet they need to assert themselfs as the tough guys that nobody messes with and in person they need to show they are beat you up instead of talk. Usually haters are small, skinny people needing to feel tougher.

2. "Well, my team is a losing team and we are jealous of your teams success."

3. "Why shouldnt I insult someones family?"

Wait, what? I stopped at only three?

Leave a comment and we will get the next seven why haters are haters.