AJ McCarron's Mom Wasn't a Big Fan of Jameis Winston's Postgame Speech

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AJ McCarron's Mom Wasn't a Big Fan of Jameis Winston's Postgame Speech
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UPDATE: January 7, 2014 at 2:08 p.m. ET by Dan Carson

Jameis Winston has tweeted out a message addressing those who criticized his postgame speech on Monday night.

---End of Update---

In the emotion and excitement of winning the final BCS National Championship Game, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston made one grievous error: He forgot his cue cards for the postgame speech.

Fresh off a dramatic, 34-31 victory Monday night over the Auburn Tigers, the Heisman Trophy winner joined ESPN's Tom Rinaldi for a quick interview.

Winston’s answers to Rinaldi’s questions bubbled over into an overwhelmed monologue—as postgame interviews tend to do in such emotionally charged moments. 

The speech (video via SportsCenterZone on YouTube) wasn’t exactly a sterling example of proper grammar, and the people of the Internet began to pick the oration to pieces.

Notable among the detractors of Winston’s speech appeared to be Dee Dee Bonner, mother of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. Bonner tweeted out a message ostensibly aimed at the FSU quarterback and his grammar in the postgame interview.

Bonner quickly deleted the tweet, but not before Twitter user @PichieRalmer could screenshot the message. 

Other Twitter users chimed in on Winston’s speech, lobbing criticism at the freshman quarterback. 

According to Tyler Moorehead of CollegeSpun.com, Katherine Webb—McCarron’s girlfriend—also enjoyed the criticism of Winston’s speech.

Call it sour grapes. Call it a lament for the modern education system. Paint the reaction to Winston’s speech however you like, but answer this question: What do we expect of our leading athletes?

Perhaps we’ve grown accustomed to quarterbacks aspiring to prove their chops as future ESPN analysts. Maybe we need the flash on the field and the polish in the aftermath. Maybe we're spoiled.

Bonner has since apologized for her tweet, saying she never meant to offend anyone with her words.

Regardless of his speech or the criticism thereof, the victory and the hardware were Winston’s Monday night. Perhaps sometime in the future he’ll be speaking the King’s and gobbling pulled pork sliders in the booth as another young star carves out his name on the field.

Until then, he’ll be dining on crystal.


Winston: Strong by any pronunciation.

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