WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Power Ranking Likely Rumble Winners After Jan. 6 Raw

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 7, 2014

WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Power Ranking Likely Rumble Winners After Jan. 6 Raw

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    Monday's edition of Raw was a pretty solid one and gave us plenty of options moving forward as to who will win the Royal Rumble.

    Old School Raw certainly shook the thinking up regarding just who the last man standing will be—for the first time in a long while there are plenty of strong contenders.

    In fact, there are so many that we really have to only look at the men who are going to be around before the Royal Rumble, excluding any returnees at the event itself.

    With that in mind, let's take a look at who the likely Rumble winners will be following on from Old School Raw.

    We'll be grading the wrestlers on their movement based on last week's power ranking, too.

7. Bray Wyatt

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    Previous Rank: N/A

    Movement: N/A


    We start with a man who even without winning could well have a big say in the outcome of the match.

    Bray Wyatt is currently grooming his newest member of The Wyatt Family: Daniel Bryan. Whilst they got off to a slow start on Raw this past Monday, they will bounce back in style next week when Bray teams up with Bryan on Raw.

    Could we see a scenario where Bryan sacrifices himself to enable Bray to win the Royal Rumble? Perhaps, but I seriously wouldn't count on it.

    That's why Bray Wyatt ranks so low on this week's power ranking.

6. Dean Ambrose

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    Previous Rank: 8

    Movement: Up 2


    The Shield once again took another interesting step with their storyline on Monday night, as Roman Reigns became the first member of the group to pick up a win over CM Punk.

    It's fascinating to think where this storyline is heading: Just what will be the angle The Shield take at the Royal Rumble?

    There is a scenario out there where both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins could turn on Roman Reigns, as they feel he is the strongest man in the Rumble—which is where the potential for Ambrose to win comes in.

    He had another strong week on the mic on Raw and is growing into a dominant character on the roster. That's why he goes up this week.

5. Alberto Del Rio

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    Previous Rank: N/A

    Movement: N/A


    I'll be honest: When I was writing these power rankings last week, Alberto Del Rio hadn't even come into my thinking.

    Isn't it amazing what one win and one promo can do for your chances? Whilst he still may not come close to winning the Rumble, I think he's definitely in the mix after Raw this week.

    What was most interesting is the promo he cut on Batista, saying he'd be waiting for him when the Rumble rolls around.

    Does that suggest the 2011 winner has yet another victory in his sights in 2014? It would certainly rank as a surprise victory, that's for sure.

    What happens over the coming weeks on Raw and SmackDown may give us a clearer idea as to Del Rio's chances.

4. Daniel Bryan

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    Previous Rank: 2

    Movement: Down 2


    People may take this one offensively, but stick with me. Daniel Bryan's likelihood of winning the Rumble has been downgraded due to a couple of factors.

    The first is that the people who are above him have had a better Raw, to be honest. There are certain people who look to be in a stronger position to win the Rumble than Daniel Bryan is right now.

    But he is still very much one of the front-runners, partly due to his current storyline with Bray Wyatt. I would still expect Bryan to turn on Wyatt at the Rumble—but whether that is to win the Rumble or not is up for debate.

3. CM Punk

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    Previous Rank: 1

    Movement: Down 2


    CM Punk finally came unstuck against a member of The Shield this week and looks to be really beaten up at the moment.

    I ranked him at the top of these power rankings last week, and he just drops a couple of places due to his defeat to Roman Reigns on Raw.

    But like Daniel Bryan, he will almost certainly be in the latter stages of the Rumble and could yet still win it. The one problem is, who would Punk's opponent realistically be at WrestleMania?

    When you consider the men in the championship picture at the minute, you don't automatically think of Punk to fight them.

2. Roman Reigns

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    Previous Rank: 3

    Movement: Up 1


    The win for Roman Reigns on Raw has just further enhanced the storyline surrounding The Shield. Is he indeed the dominant figure in the group? It certainly seems that way.

    Will The Shield boil over and implode at the Royal Rumble? You would certainly have to say so.

    The plans for Roman Reigns will be huge if he moves forward on his own. Those plans will start at the Rumble—and he could win the whole event.

    The only thing against him is that if The Shield do split, Reigns will more than likely have a feud with one of the other members.


1. Batista

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    Previous Rank: 5

    Movement: Up 4


    Batista wasn't even on Raw this week, yet he makes the top of the power rankings because of all the hype he received.

    There is a logical path for Batista to return and win the Royal Rumble: He could then go on to face Randy Orton at WrestleMania 30.

    Batista's entry into the Rumble match wasn't just hyped by Michael Cole but by other Superstars, too.

    The promo Alberto Del Rio cut on The Animal implies that the WWE are trying to push his return as much as possible.

    And when he does return, it could indeed be to win the Royal Rumble.