Overhead Bicycle Kick Goal in Israel Is Stunning

FIFA will be revealing the winner of the Puskas Award, which celebrates the best goal of 2013, in the coming days. Here, they have a very strong contender for 2014's winner.

The goal was scored by Maccabi Tel Aviv's Barak Itzhaki, who latched on to a high through ball and nailed one of the most outrageous bicycle kicks you're ever likely to see.

It's only perhaps on replays you start to appreciate just how tricky it is.

Take into account the curl and angle of the pass. Factor in the precision finish, across the goalkeeper and low into the corner.

But most of all, take a look at the sheer stretch required to even make contact with the ball. Itzhaki is practically doing the splits in mid-air when he smashes the ball in.

The goal helped seal a 3-1 win for the hosts over Maccabi Haifa and moved the team six points clear in the title race in the Israeli Premier League.

Hat-tip to FTW for the spot.