Zahi's Notes: What If Footballers Were Communists?

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Zahi's Notes: What If Footballers Were Communists?

It is the era of titans, where a simple man cannot open a small restaurant or coffeeshop fearing that a franchise business will eventually kill his hopes and own the market.

It is the era of marketing, where a simple man simply cannot go head-to-head with international firms.

The case is the same in the world of football.

Real Madrid are supposed to be on the verge of a new Galacticos revolution which means they are going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars.

Manchester City just prized Gareth Barry away from Aston Villa with the power of money, Chelsea became champions because of money and Cristiano Ronaldo does not care if his Ferrari gets crushed because he can easily get another one.

With all the inflation, cheques are being distributed in huge sums for footballers. Loyalty, which was once a key word to describe a good citizen, should now be removed from dictionaries, as our modern world has grown to be money-oriented.

What if footballers were communists?

Under such a system, footballers will play for their favorite team and they will be motivated to put their hearts into the game.

Under such a system, the global market of players will be closed and thus national players will take their chance to play in their home leagues.

International teams will show great improvement and young players will stay home.

Footballers will play football because they love running on the pitch and kicking the round ball. The motive will not be cash, it will be love. The love for football.

Footballers will not care about the reputation or the financial situation of the clubs.

Footballers will again play with a smile on their faces, enjoying the game.

Ronaldinho's smile was his secret for his glamorous success before the great sums of money led a once-poor fellow into the darkness of nightlife, alcohol and perhaps more.

What if footballers were communists?

Public View: Now, do you think you're Che Guevarra? He ain't a footballer anyway.

Zahi's Notes

'The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself'

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