MMA Ring Girl Mireika Edwards: 'I Want to Be the Next Kate Upton'

Mitchell CiccarelliAnalyst IJanuary 8, 2014

Photo by Tristan Warsito

Meet Mireika Edwards: MMA’s girl next door.

This 21-year-old, Las Vegas bombshell begins 2014 on the fast track to becoming one of the most desirable babes in all of combat sports.

A Nevada State nursing student, Edwards is an international model and a ring card girl for Tuff-N-Uff productions—the premier amateur MMA league in the United States.

Tuff-N-Uff has been in existence since 1994, and throughout the years the league has helped launch the careers of some of the most successful fighters to ever strap on a pair of 8 oz. gloves.

For Edwards, she has been a fight fan for as long as she can remember. So when an opportunity arose for the bodacious blonde to get involved in the MMA industry, she jumped all over it. The rest is history.

“I had just moved to Vegas about a year and a half ago and Tuff-N-Uff kept showing up on my Facebook timeline,” Edwards told Alchemist Radio.

“They were looking for ring girls so I decided to hit up [Tuff-N-Uff vice president] Jeff Meyer. We started talking and he gave me a shot. Ever since then, things have sky rocketed.”

At first, it was merely a way for Edwards to get a front-row look at the sport she loves.

She wasn’t aspiring to be the next Brittney Palmer or Arianny Celeste, but at the rate she’s going, Edwards will surpass them both in popularity within the next few years.

I realize that’s a bold statement to make, but if you ever get a chance to meet this girl, you would be in complete agreement with me. Not only is she drop-dead, sizzling-hot gorgeous, but she’s also an absolute sweetheart of a human being.

Her smile alone is enough to take over the world.

Photo by Tristan Warsito

“This time last year, I was going to school and working full time. I’ve always just wanted to be a nurse. But when this ring girl thing happened, everything started to change. I was at the UFC Expo and that’s when I got approached by Playboy and Maxim,” Edwards said.

“It’s crazy because I never really wanted to model but all these opportunities are falling in front of me. My phone and email is constantly being blown up with modeling requests. It’s just weird how your path in life will take you in places you never thought you’d be.”

Indeed, she’s correct. Sometimes, we truly don’t know where we’re going in life until we get there. Joining the Tuff-N-Uff family has led her on a journey that could, potentially, take her all the way to the top.

Edwards knows this and she is beyond driven to get there.

“I do everything with one goal in mind, to be the best. I give everything 100% and that’s exactly what I’m going to do with my modeling career. As a ring girl, if I ever did get into the UFC, that would be a blessing but I love where I’m at right now with Tuff-N-Uff,” Edwards said.

“I want to be the next Kate Upton. I want to be all over the billboards, especially here in Las Vegas and in L.A. That would be a dream come true.”


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