Debate: Should Lewis Be on the Hot Seat?

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Debate: Should Lewis Be on the Hot Seat?
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Should Lewis be on the hot seat after latest playoff loss?


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There is a fantastic solution to the Bengals problems with the coaching. Marvin Lewis is not a good head coach but would make an excellent General a M...
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The wise move would me to move Marvin to General Manager because he is great at drafting and finding talent. Then, that move would lead to us promotin...
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Marvin isn't going anywhere unfortunately, M.B has made it perfectly clear that being better than they were in the 90's is more than good enough for h...
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That would be perfect if the Bengals did that. But I don't think Mr. Brown will do that. He will stay with Marvin cause he has one year left on his co...
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We cant lose Mike Zimmer, if we lose jay gruden then oh well honestly we can find a better offensive coordinator, and next year geno atkins will be ba...
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I've said it before and I will say it again. This team lacks intensity and Zimmer is a fire plug. If Zimmer leaves this team will be even less intense...
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