The St Loius Rams Owe the Defense the First Round Pick

john dmytruk@@jaredthecat1Correspondent IApril 22, 2008

Now that the Rams took care of their offense, their first round draft pick should be spent on defense. They need to address their defensive line by drafting either Chris Long or Glenn Dorsey.  

By drafting this way it will help both the defense and offense.

It would help the defense because of the increased pressure on the quarterback thus causing miscues, like turnovers.  It will also help the linebacking corps by giving them a chance to stop the run thus forcing their opponents to pass the ball. 

For the offense, a better defense means better field position, and a decrease in the need for long passes. Cutting down on long passes means less quarterback sacks and less interceptions. The offense could then run the ball and give more rest to the defense.

The Rams will still have the later rounds to address further needs.