Is LeBron James Being Unfairly Treated?

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Is LeBron James Being Unfairly Treated?
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Recently LeBron James has gotten an earful from the press over his apparent “poor me” actions after losing to the Orlando Magic in a devastating loss.

While any true competitor will not take losing lightly, should that precede the sportsman-like conduct we’ve all come to expect from players or allow them to vent their anger and frustration without showing respect for their opponent?

There have been many articles out there both supporting James' recent actions and those that completely throw him under the proverbial bus.

Most, unfortunately, forget to throw in the fact that not only should he be a professional, which he gets paid very well to be, but he should show respect to others the way he has been shown respect throughout the playoffs.

Would it be professional for the Pistons or the Hawks players to just storm off of the court after being swept by James' Cavaliers? The answer to that is no.

Not only did James not act like the professional he should have, he failed to give respect where it was deserved.

In fact, failure is a wonderful thing when you look back at what it has done to propel players the years following similar failures. His team was destroyed in the final game against the Magic, and James has a right to be angry, upset, frustrated, and sad.

However, the Orlando players earned that win and deserved the right to have their hand shaken by their fallen opponent. It is the way games are played, and if you can’t respect the game get off the court.

While I do think the whole situation may be taken a bit too far, overall the issue is still apparent and must be corrected.

Impersonal gestures, such as an e-mail, will not cut it.

The teams that have fallen harder than James, at James' hands mind you, had the professionalism and pride to look their better in the face and congratulate them for a hard fought victory.

Blame it on what you will, his age or lack of experience, it all boils down to treating others the way you want to be treated.

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