Best Possible Feuds for John Cena at WrestleMania

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistJanuary 10, 2014

Best Possible Feuds for John Cena at WrestleMania

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    Put out the word, WWE's resident hero needs a new villain to be his foil.

    After the upcoming Royal Rumble, John Cena will need to face a new challenge, preferably one that would serve to shake off the repetitive persona that he has built over the past decade or so.

    Currently, Cena is embroiled in a feud with WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton, in a rivalry that has been going on for months.

    And prior to that, Cena engaged in a program with Alberto Del Rio, which really did neither man any good, except proving that Cena might not be human, as he returned from major triceps surgery months ahead of schedule.

    But with the winner of the Royal Rumble match receiving a world title opportunity at WrestleMania XXX, it stands to reason that Cena will fall out of that scene shortly if he does not win the belt.

    And should he fail in that quest, he would have to give way to a new challenger for Orton's title.

    But that leaves Cena without a top-level opponent, and that is where the fun begins.

    Because a very important decision falls to the creative team when it comes to who Cena should face at the biggest professional wrestling pay-per-view of the year.

Bad News Barrett

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    The bad news is that Wade Barrett, for all of his bravado and increasingly entertaining speeches, has yet to kick off a memorable feud with his new persona.

    The good news is that Cena can create a jumping-off point for a Superstar that has garnered major buzz ever since he became the leader of the Nexus in 2010.

    Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons Barrett never exactly got the major push that he seemed primed to receive. Now 33 years old, he might be reaching the end of the line with regards to being able to plant a firm foothold on a rung of the WWE talent ladder.

    But Barrett and Cena feuded for a long time back when the Nexus was coming to power, and that alone could be a decent plot point to begin their feud.

    It would serve Barrett well, as he would be battling a major Superstar, while Cena would benefit from working with someone fresh, and not the usual suspects like Orton or Del Rio.

Brock Lesnar

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    OK, so this is boring and predictable. But so are most of Cena’s matches.

    Brock Lesnar will probably get the best of Cena for weeks, even months, and then on the grandest stage, Cena will best him in stunning fashion. It has happened to many before Lesnar, and it will happen to many more after him.

    But Lesnar presents a physical challenge that few can match and an intimidation factor that hardly anyone can boast.

    Sure, he’s not much in the way of being a clever wordsmith, but there is no denying that Lesnar has been a top name in both wrestling and mixed martial arts for a long time.

    And his name adds intrigue for casual wrestling fans that know little of him other than his time in the UFC.

    Add to that Cena’s name recognition to folks outside the industry and the program sells itself before anyone even knows that it’s for professional wrestling or WrestleMania XXX.

Damien Sandow

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    When Damien Sandow cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against Cena, no one expected him to win.

    The odds were just not stacked in his favor.

    Cena was coming off a tough win over Alberto Del Rio the previous night, his surgically repaired left arm was still quite injured, and he was caught off guard. So naturally, Cena won.

    Wait, with those odds, Sandow was the underdog? Of course he was.

    How can a previously midcard talent go from that role to a world champion in just one match?

    The answer is right there in that match. Sandow showed the guts and killer instinct that make a champion a champion. He might not have defeated Cena that night, but the seeds were planted for what could end up being an amazing spring rivalry. This would be another case of Cena elevating another talent from a lower place on the card to main event level.

    But Sandow is ready, and he has been for quite awhile.

Daniel Bryan

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    With Wyatt literally in the ear of Daniel Bryan in the past couple of weeks, he has now become a changed man.

    Gone are the days of “Yes!” chants and smiles. Now it seems as if Bryan has forgotten the support of the fans that made him arguably the most popular Superstar in the company.

    With a questionable path placed directly in front of him, Bryan will need something big to return him to prominence as a main event player, not just being a lap dog to a charismatic cult leader.

    Cena has the potential to skyrocket Bryan’s career, as he briefly did around SummerSlam.

    But with Bryan still learning the ropes in the infrastructure of the Wyatt Family, who’s to say that he won’t be a sidekick for a long time going forward and not worthy of facing someone of Cena's caliber.

Bray Wyatt

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    No one has any idea yet about what exactly Wyatt’s ultimate mission is.

    He has now successfully brainwashed Bryan and shows no signs of stopping whatever path he is currently carving.

    He possesses the size and agility to one day make him a top guy in the company.

    But every good villain needs a heroic counterpart, and that has been Cena’s main role for quite some time now.

    In a time where Hulk Hogan is not around to vanquish every evil threat that arises, Cena does an admirable job of playing that role.

    Wyatt is quite mysterious indeed, but a feud with Cena makes perfect sense. And he and the entire family will not be hard to find.

    Simply follow the buzzards.