The Rise and Decline of What Could Have Been TNA's Ticket to Passing WWE

mike fentonContributor IJune 3, 2009

So, another week of Impact passed where TNA gave Samoa Joe another chance at making in impact.

In my opinion, he dropped the ball once again, though not entirely his fault. He needs to drop the jacket that makes him look like a Rob Halford tribute band leader, the Mike Tyson face tattoo, and about 50 pounds of fat.

However, I do see one way that this could be turned so that Joe could be a main eventer and stay off the mic a bit while he gets some of his lost intensity back.

Turn Joe heel and join the Main Event Mafia. Make the mafia so afraid of him that they offer him a "deal he can't refuse", and have him turn on AJ.

Then give him the TNA Legends belt at the next PPV, where then Matt Morgan resents the mafia and attacks Joe starting a feud there. A feud with a guy like Morgan that has really improved his mic skills could give Joe a little push so that he won't get overshadowed on the mic and in the ring by the same guy.

This way he could get off the "non-title main event" and get back to par with good secondary storylines and work with new people as well as people he has been proven to have good dialogues with.