West Ham's Sobbing Youngster and the 8 Greatest Crying Fans

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 6, 2014

West Ham's Sobbing Youngster and the 8 Greatest Crying Fans

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    Suffice it to say, it's not been a particularly fun season for West Ham.

    It all got a little bit too much for one young fan who travelled up to the City Ground to watch Nottingham Forest demolish the Hammers 3-0 in the FA Cup over the weekend, and he was captured whimpering on national television.

    The poor kid now has something to cheer him up, though, as the club extended an offer to him via their official website:

    Everyone at West Ham United shares this young man's disappointment and are grateful for the large numbers of fans that made the trip to the City Ground.

    To show the Club's appreciation for the travelling Claret and Blue army, the Board, manager and captain would like to offer this young fan and his family a chance to watch an upcoming fixture at the Boleyn Ground from the Directors' Box. 

    The crying kid has inspired us to trawl the archives for other tearful fans, most of whom were not lucky enough to get such a generous offer from their clubs... 

The Brighton Bawler

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    The young West Ham fan served as a tear-stained reminder of this young scamp, who was caught on camera during Brighton's Championship playoff with Crystal Palace at the end of last season.

    After Wilfried Zaha appeared to take the possibility of Premier League away from the Seagulls, the young lad couldn't contain his emotion. 

The "Very Tired" Manchester City Fan

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    When Manchester City lost at Swansea in March 2012, some fans thought their chances of picking up their first Premier League title were seriously in doubt.

    One such fan was John Millington, whose blubbering went viral shortly afterwards. However, the Royal Mail worker insisted that he wasn't actually crying:

    I wasn’t crying, I was just frustrated and very tired… There may have been a tear in my eye but I was just exhausted and frustrated.

     You weren't crying, but there was a tear in your eye, John? Right then. 

Rod Stewart's Tears for the Bhoys

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    When Celtic beat Barcelona in the Champions League in November 2012 on the club's 125th anniversary, lifelong Hoops fan Rod Stewart was unable to hold back the waterworks, such was the joy of the occasion. 

The Anger from Yanga

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    In October 2012, Young Africans (Yanga) lost to Tanzanian Premier League rivals Simba. It was enough to provoke a damp-faced rant from this Yanga fan. 

    My Swahili isn't quite up to scratch, but it's safe to say he feels pretty cut up about the game. This clip became so popular that it spawned several parodies.  

Fred's Fluminense Grief

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    Brazil striker Fred isn't strictly a fan, but he sat in the stands as his Fluminense side were relegated from Serie A in December—despite the fact that they were reigning champions.

    Fred's tears of sorrow, however, almost certainly turned to tears of joy when a Brazilian court overruled their relegation

The Millwall Mewl

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    Millwall reached their first ever FA Cup Final in 2004, and one Lions fan couldn't even get through the pre-match performance by Katherine Jenkins without conveying her emotions via her eye ducts. 

    Presumably, the tears were still flowing once Manchester United had utterly dominated them with a 3-0 victory at the Millennium Stadium. 

Chelsea's Shed End Tear Shedder

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    A 2-0 win over Bolton handed Chelsea their first Premier League title in 50 years in April 2005, causing widespread delirium among Blues fans.

    Skip to [1.10] in the video above to see the elated tears of a Chelsea fan who might be old enough to remember their last league win. 

The Benfica Blubberer

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    They say that most people don't really care about the Europe League, but try telling that to the Benfica fan who wept uncontrollably as Chelsea clinched the trophy in Amsterdam in 2013.


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