NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins Ruining It for Everyone

Ken SheehanAnalyst IApril 22, 2008

It was announced today that the Miami Dolphins have reached an agreement with former Michigan tackle Jake Long on a five year $57.5 million dollar deal.

The pick is solid. Granted Long is not who many people predicted the Dolphins would take, I was convinced they'd take Chris Long. However Long has the potential to be a solid starter for their offense and an anchor on their offensive line for years to come. All in all, not only is he a safer pick than Matt Ryan who many have their doubts over but Long will come in cheaper with his pre-draft deal than other players would have after Saturday.

But here's my problem. It's not Saturday, the draft hasn't started and I already know who the first pick is. For me this takes a lot of the fun out of it. I was excited to sit in my living room eagerly awaiting to see who would go number one but now there's no surprise.

Seeing the pick announced today, it's not exciting. Sure if you're a Miami fan you may very well be pleased with whats happened, but had this not come out till Goodell stood up at the podium and announced, "With the first over all pick the Miami Dolphins select... Jake Long." Wouldn't that have been more exciting?

Till that very moment we have all these analysts telling us that Miami will take Chris Long to be the corner stone of their defense or Matt Ryan to run their offense for years to come, and then we see Jake Longs name called. To me that would have been more fun. I do realize that there is still plenty of room for surprise and intrigue considering there's roughly another 220 picks to be announced, but for me some element of excitement has been lost.

At least no one can tell me who the Patriots will draft, at least I can take some comfort in that.