Is Allen Iversons Career Over

John Azam AzamCorrespondent IJune 2, 2009

After you are done reding this article please comment it. Some people think Allen iversons career is over. some people think he has to come of the bench to win a championship. but there are people that know allen iversons career is not over. some people still know that allen iverson doesnt have to come off the bench to win a championship. THose people are right. allen iverson is too good. just because the detriot thing didnt work out. the detriot coach only gave him 18 min. one time he was 3-5 from shooting and that was great , but the detriot ccoach still only gave him 18 min. to play. THAT WAS NOT FAIR FOR AI. ai will be in a team that will work out next season. AI is the fifth best, so he doesnt need to come of from the bench