PBR Monster Energy Invitational 2014: Daily Results and Top Riders

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIJanuary 5, 2014

The PBR Monster Energy Buck Off at the Garden is one of the biggest events in professional bull riding as some of the top riders in the world come to New York City to compete at Madison Square Garden.

The 2014 edition of the event has featured some wild action and will continue to go on throughout the weekend.  The event started on January 3 with the first round and will end on January 5 with the third round along with the finals.  With the event at Madison Square Garden, it's a great opportunity for the sport to gain some national exposure.

Below is a look at the results from each round of the Monster Energy Buck Off, followed by a recap of each day.


Round 1 Results

Round 1 Results
1/2Fabiano Vieira88.25$3,165.00
1/2Ty Pozzobon88.25$3,165.00
3Chase Outlaw87.50$2,000.00
4/5Kody Lostroh87.00$1,075.00
4/5J.B. Mauney87.00$1,075.00
6Shane Proctor86.75$600.00
7Billy Robinson86.00$450.00
8/10Kasey Hayes85.75$123.33
8/10Austin Meier85.75$123.33
8/10Robson Palermo85.75$123.33
11/12Mike Lee84.50$0.00
11/12Guilherme Marchi84.50$0.00
13Jory Markiss84.00$0.00
14/15Cody Nance83.75$0.00
14/15Ryan Dirteater83.75$0.00
16L.J. Jenkins83.00$0.00
17Valdiron de Oliveira81.75$0.00
18Claudio Crisostomo78.25$0.00
19Lachlan Richardson73.50$0.00
Riders after No. 19 earned scores of 0.00

Heading into the round, all eyes were on reigning champion J.B. Mauney, who was looking to begin his 2014 campaign with a nice start to the event.  He finished with a solid 87-point performance while riding Stay Thirsty, putting him in the top five tied with former 2009 World champion Kody Lostroh.

As for the leaders, both Fabiano Vieira and Ty Pozzobon were able to tie with scores of 88.25 to stay on top for the day.  The PBR's Instagram account gave us a great picture of Vieira riding Mess Mossy:

It wasn't good for every rider, however.  According to the PBR Twitter account, Silvano Alves was only able to stay on for 1.77 seconds, but that's probably a lot longer than the average person watching could stay on:

Overall, it was a strong first round that helped get fans excited for what Round 2 would have in store.


Round 2 Results

Round 2 Results
1Fabiano Vieira87.75$3,580.00
2Cody Nance87.50$2,750.00
3/5Guilherme Marchi86.50$1,383.33
3/5Robson Palermo86.50$1,383.33
3/5Ryan Dirteater86.50$525.00
6/7Mike Lee86.00$525.00
6/7Joao Ricardo Vieira86.00$525.00
8Renato Nunes85.75$370.00
9J.B. Mauney85.50$0.00
10Nathan Schaper85.25$0.00
11Markus Mariluch84.50$0.00
Riders after No. 11 earned scores of 0.00

While eight fewer riders were able to post scores in the second round, all 11 riders in Round 2 to stay on longer than eight seconds posted very respectable scores.

After not posting a score in Round 1, 2013 Rookie of the Year Joao Ricardo Vieira was able to have a very nice ride in the second round, posting a score of 86 to get him on the board.  The 29-year-old had three event wins in his first year, and he's hoping to get 2014 off to a nice start.

After finishing in third in Round 1, Chase Outlaw was unable to have the same kind of success in Round 2, as he fell off early and wasn't able to get on the board.

Of course, the biggest winner from Round 2 was Fabiano Vieira.  For the second straight day, he finished at the top of the board, only this time he finished as the sole leader in Round 2 with a score of 87.75.  Pozzobon, the other co-leader after the first round, didn't qualify on the second day.

It appears that Vieira will be the rider to beat as the event winds down on January 5, but anything can happen.


Round 3 Results

Round 3 Results
1Emilio Resende87.50$3,580.00
2Ben Jones87.25$2,750.00
3Pistol Robinson87.00$2,000.00
4Kasey Hayes86.50$1,300.00
5Mark Triplett86.25$850.00
6Kody Lostroh86.00$600.00
7/9Guilherme Marchi85.50$273.33
7/9Austin Meier85.50$273.33
7/9J.B. Mauney85.50$273.33
10Fabiano Vieira85.00$0.00
11Sean Willingham82.75$0.00
12Markus Mariluch80.75$0.00
13Ryan Dirteater77.50$0.00
14Nathan Schaper73.75$0.00
Riders after No. 14 earned scores of 0.00

It wasn't the best day start to the final day of the even for some of the top riders.  Mauney finished tied for seventh with two other riders, while Fabiano Vieira finished in 10th, just outside of the riders that earned money.

Emilio Resende had the best ride of the round, finishing with a strong 87.50, while Ben Jones had an 87.25 after riding a tough Ludacris.  It was a surprising round, but all eyes were on what would happen in the Championship Round, and who would come out on top.


Championship Round Results

Championship Round Results
1J.B. Mauney89.50$4,700.00
2Ryan Dirteater87.75$3,600.00
3Fabiano Vieira86.50$2,400.00
4Guilherme Marchi85.50$1,200.00
5Nathan Schaper82.50$0.00
6Mike Lee79.00$0.00

With a great 89.5-point performance from Mauney, he was able to take a share of the Monster Energy Buck Off title.  The reigning PBR World Champion shared the title with Fabiano Vieira, who scored 86.5 points in the Championship Round.

It was a great event for Guilherme Marchi as well.  The former 2008 World Champion posted an 85.5 in the final round to finish in third place, while Ryan Dirteater ended in fourth.  Mike Lee, the 2004 World Champion, came away with just 79 points in the final round, but still came away in fifth overall for the weekend.

It was a great finish to an exciting weekend at Madison Square Garden.  Congratulations to J.B. Mauney and Fabiano Vieira, as they were terrific throughout the three days.


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