Albert Pujols: Number One Cardinal

Michael MilesContributor IApril 22, 2008

First, let me give this disclaimer: I love Albert Pujols.

I love when Pujols busts a homer, and I truly believe that he is as incredible as is attributed to him.

Having said all of that praise, I do think that he is slightly overrated.  This in no way is intended to indicate that I think he is not good nor that I dislike him. 

On the contrary, I feel that the team and, mainly, the press puts too much  on Pujols' shoulders. Pujols is definitely awesome, but when it seems that the entire game is placed upon his shoulders he falters.  When the rest of the team is contributing, Pujols explodes.

I've heard it said that Hank Aaron has said that when Pujols comes to the plate, he stops whatever it is that he is doing to watch him.  I agree with this statement. I stop what I'm doing too.

Yet, I also did this for Edmonds, and I am beginning to find myself doing this for Ankiel.  Will I stop watching Pujols?  Of course not, but I cannot wait for this current team to errupt with their hidden talents so that Pujols can relax and errupt himself!  

Go Cardinals!