2014 US Olympic Trials: Jan. 5 Event Schedule, TV Info, Preview and More

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2014 US Olympic Trials: Jan. 5 Event Schedule, TV Info, Preview and More
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Some of the final spots on the U.S. Olympic team are on the line as short track speed skaters complete their trials in Kearns, Utah.

Sunday will be the fourth and final day of competition as the athletes plan to showcase their abilities in the 1000-meter event. The skaters have already gone through time trials and secured spots in the 1500-meter and 500-meter events.

While some sports simply have a single race to qualify, short track utilizes a point system for each distance, in which the leader is the one that earns the trip to Sochi. Here is a look at what each place is worth in a race, as well as the time trial:

Points for 500m, 1000m and 1500m Events
Rank Points Rank Points
1 1000 6 328
2 800 7 262
3 640 8 210
4 512 9 168
5 410 10 134

via NBCSports.com

Points for Time Trials
Rank Points Rank Points
1 500 6 164
2 400 7 131
3 320 8 105
4 256 9 84
5 205 10 67

via NBCSports.com

This will help determine which skaters will be among the five men and three women who will be taking the trip to the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Here is a look at everything else you need to know for the final day of the competition.

When: Sunday, Jan. 5 at 4 - 6 p.m. ET

Where: Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns, Utah

Watch: NBC

Live Stream: NBC Sports Live Extra

Athletes to Watch

J.R. Celski

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Although J.R. Celski has already qualified for a spot on the Olympic team, he has his eye on multiple medals in Sochi.

The 23-year-old skater earned a bronze at the 2010 Olympics in the 1500-meter competition as well as the 5000-meter relay. This time around, he could contend for at least one gold medal, if not more.

With the retired Apolo Anton Ohno out of the way, Celski will now look to take over as the star of the American team. He has experience and loads of talent that will carry him far in this sport.

If he does not let the pressure get to him, he can have a very successful 2014 campaign.

John-Henry Krueger

George Frey/Getty Images

There were high expectations for John-Henry Krueger heading into the Olympic trials. Unfortunately, things have not gone according to plan over the first few days.

As Jared S. Hopkins of the Chicago Tribune notes, he struggled on the first day of racing:

Tony Chung then reported Krueger was forced to drop out of 500-meter:

Still, Krueger has plenty of ability if he is healthy enough to compete. Hopefully, the 18-year-old athlete will get a chance to make the Olympic team on the final day of trials.

Jessica Smith

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Like Celski, Jessica Smith has already qualified for the Olympics thanks to some early success. However, there is no reason not to try to qualify for even more events if you get the chance.

Smith was only an alternate at the 2010 Games, but she is ready for her moment in the spotlight this time around:

Although the 1000-meter race is her worst event, she has proven her durability to excel in both long and short competitions. With great determination, she can keep up her winning ways.

The only question at this point is whether she can build off this success in America and win an Olympic medal.

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