Best Motivational Message Ever Found in Macclesfield's FA Cup Dressing Room

BR-UK StaffFeatured Columnist IVJanuary 4, 2014


The United Kingdom has long had a reputation for producing inspirational orators gifted with the ability to deliver rousing motivational speeches; Winston Churchill, to pick one example.

Continuing Churchill's proud tradition appears to be one as-yet-unidentified member of the Macclesfield Town back room staff, who left a suitably inspiring message in the dressing room ahead of Saturday's FA Cup third round meeting with Sheffield Wednesday.

With the Conference Premier side—the lowest ranked team left in the competition—due to host the Championship side at Moss Rose, the anonymous scribe penned a brilliant motivational message that was captured by a Press Association photographer.

For those struggling to read the image, below is the full text. All grammatical errors (and there are... a few) are carried over from the copy:

So lets sharpen our swords
And slaughter (The Owls)
Hopefully they will be running around
Like chicken's with no head's on!
There fan's will be gutted
It will be like a fox in a hen coup
Feathers flying every where

Keep your eyes open
For oppertunities
And open gaps will appear?

Were not standing on the edge of glory
Were right in the middle of it.
So dont let it slip away
Come on boy's you've got the balls to do it.

Now lads this is it the big one
This is going to be the purfect storm
So bring it on

We know what has to be done today
And its within our capability
To make it happen.

The big question of the day
Is will it be blue or will it be black
Thats still got there ball
In that FA Cup sack
On Sundays F A Cup draw

Wipe those tears from your eye.

Forget Churchill—the rhyming finish suggests we may finally have a new Yeats in our midst. Surely the Macclesfield players could not fail to be inspired by such words....

(H/T to The Guardian for the find)