Canadian Football League Reveals Its Lists of the Best Plays of 2013

Jim FlanneryAnalyst IJanuary 7, 2014

Spectacular plays abound in the CFL.
Spectacular plays abound in the CFL.Todd Korol/Getty Images

Over the course of the last few days, the Canadian Football League has been publishing videos of its Top 10 lists for the world to enjoy on its website

Beginning on Dec. 23, the CFL unveiled its first list: the Top 10 Runs of 2013.

While all these plays are impressive, a special shout-out has to go to the BC Lions quarterbacks. Travis Lulay is the star of No. 4 on the list, springing out of the pocket for a big gain and throwing his shoulder into a defender to pick up those last few yards. And on the No. 1 play, the critical block thrown to complete the run is executed by Buck Pierce, shadowing Stefan Logan right to the end.

Because that's how CFL QBs do.

Also noteworthy in this pack is how CFL running backs can use the wide Canadian field to great effect, cutting back for big gains when nothing opens up in the original play.

The CFL's Christmas present to fans was the Top 10 Returns

The No. 2 return is particularly notable for American viewers not only for the fantastic effort of Demond Washington to turn what appeared to be a play for no gain into a touchdown, but also for the fact that this play in the States probably never would've happened. Most kick returners in the NFL would have called for a fair catch in those circumstances.

Henry Burris rears back to throw in the 2013 Grey Cup.
Henry Burris rears back to throw in the 2013 Grey Cup.Jeff Gross/Getty Images

There is no fair catch in the CFL, so Washington had no choice but to receive that punt and get on his horse.

Shifting gears to great defense, the next highlight package unveiled was the Top 10 Hits. A little bit of everything is presented here, from blown-up kick returners to stuffed running backs. My personal favorite is the No. 2 play in which Winnipeg Blue Bombers kick returner Aaron Woods lowers the boom on Lions linebacker Adam Bighill, showing that offensive players can throw hits too. 

Continuing with the defensive theme, the Top 10 Defensive Plays were released next. The top play, an interception by Montreal Alouettes defensive back Jerald Brown, is just flat-out athleticism at its best.

Returning to the offensive side of the ball, the Top 10 Catches were next to be presented.

As a loyal Calgary boy, I have to give props to Brad Sinopoli for the No. 4 catch. Sinopoli was a quarterback for the Ottawa Gee-Gees during his university career but converted to receiver in 2013 with the Calgary Stampeders. The one-handed stab he makes on that play was his third catch ever, so he seems to be settling into his new role.

Last but not least among the CFL's highlight packages is the Top 10 Plays of 2013. This collection is a nice compilation of the best of the best among the previous packages, with a couple added wrinkles for good measure.

A nice mix from all facets of the game is exhibited here, giving us a great look at all aspects of the CFL game.


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