Wrestling's Diva Spotlight: Gail Kim

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 2, 2009

Why she's Good:

Kim is a great wrestler and fun to watch. Gail manages to move her small and limber body into unique ways and practically wrestles from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. Plain and simply stated: she's a naturally gifted athlete. An indie background gives Kim the edge of being considered above the rest, and deserves that spot. Gail is also credited, and rightly so, with being the real driving force behind the success of the Knockouts Division. That is even more evident in the disappointment the division became right after her departure. Gail is incredibly intelligent and knows how to put together an entertaining match, and her being the driving force of a companies' success says even more about her.

Why she's Bad:

There are two off switches for me right now. Gail's debut wasn't anything all that spectacular. For one thing, as evidenced in ratings, TNA fans and WWE fans aren't the same people. She continues to come out to little if no reaction, and the WWE really hasn't helped in pushing her the right way. I think a lack of mic time and time to really show some personality have hurt her greatly as well.

Another problem, though not her fault, is she's too fast for alot of Divas to keep up with. In watching her interactions with a very green Maryse, the chemistry is off. This is also the same in her matches with Michelle. Although tall, limber, athletic, and a capable wrestler, even Michelle had trouble keeping up with Gail's pace. Personally, a feud with Melina is the best bet right now. In their little interaction in that RAW tag match in April, the two matched each other skill for skill and speed for speed. Gail needs someone just as impressive as she is. The match gave her just this.

What she brings to the WWE:

Entertainment. Gail is really a sight to see, and I recommend seeing her live. She's an impressively unique wrestler, and has the skills and speed to put on a fun and entertaining match. Gail's history in both companies have completely created an all-around great athlete.

Next week I will be taking a look at TNA's ODB and Taylor Wilde. Stay tuned.