Diva Spotlight: Beth Phoenix

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 2, 2009

Why she's Good

Beth possesses many qualities few Divas have ever had. One such quality is that not only does she have an indie background, she has an amateur wrestling background. Beth was a wrestler in high school, so she has natural skills that make her a great wrestler. She also has great strength. Beth many times, has walked the line of being so powerful that she could legitimately wrestle men. I still think it's possible.

Beth's also got a great personality, as a heel or as a tweener. She's very solid on the mic. All of this was proven true thanks to the Glamarella gimmick. To see this woman built as a monster turned into a soft, smiling yet still powerful Diva was great to see, and only Beth's natural personality and presence could make it so over.


Why she's Bad

Beth has Natalya's problem. In this land of pretty models and dancers, Beth stands out like a sore thumb in more ways than one. Her power and skills make it difficult for many Divas to really give her a good fight or even get over legitimately against her. Once again, not Beth's fault, but this can and has hurt the build up she's had.


What she brings to the WWE

Beth, like very few brings the real deal. An amateur and indie trained wrestler, she has the natural athleticism and finesse of a true great wrestler and is without a doubt one of the WWE's greatest Divas.


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