This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 3, 2014

This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

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    Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

    In case you haven't heard, it's going to be a tad bit nippy out there this weekend. 

    Weather for Wild Card Weekend will settle somewhere between a scene from 2012 and, oh, Hoth. But the weather is just one of the minor annoyances we will use as fuel for fire. 

    While it was a short week, many of you just getting back to the mere idea of work, there is still plenty of awful remaining on the sports landscape. 

    Feel free to help us out with suggestions in the comments section below, but I think you will be pleased with what we have found.

    It's going to be a great 2014. 

Confused Andrea Bargnani Is Confused

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    Nobody would call the Knicks a sound defensive team, and we mean nobody

    Even Tyson Chandler, in a Wall Street Journal article, is quoted as saying about the team's defense, "There are a lot of holes. If I started going over them all, I wouldn't make it home and allow my kids to open their gifts."

    If you wanted a more concrete illustration of what Chandler might be talking about, take this video of Andrea Bargnani switching on defense. 

    The Knicks big man didn't need a tip from the coach or a heads up from his teammates; he needed a compass.  

This Lady

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    While Alabama lost to Oklahoma in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, 45-31, some of their Crimson Tide fans did their program one better and lost a great deal of their dignity. 

    The YouTube video apparently features a Twitter user by the name of Michael Connolly. (He claims he is the one who was hit.)

    Another of his tweets states the woman is a mother of three, but there is no subsequent word on the impetus behind this melee. We assume, and we stress assume, smack talk and alcohol served as the cocktail for this debacle. 

    Fortunately, the Internet shaming and nasty hangover should serve as the requisite punishment for this kind of awful act. 

    Stay classy, Alabama. 

How About That Weather?

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    That Mother Nature can be a real jerk sometimes. 

    A 2011 report broke down the coldest games in NFL history. If you believe the latest predictions from The Weather Channel, the Packers Wild Card game against the 49ers Sunday will sidle comfortably next to the most frigid conditions ever in the sport. 

    If that weren't enough, the Packers had problems selling the game out, having to resort to Associated Bank to buy the remaining lot just to ensure the game wasn't blacked out. 

    You can hardly blame fans, because beer at home is cheap and cold, not expensive and frozen. 

Dwyane Wade Missing a Layup Is Somehow Refreshing

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    How's your new year going? 

    Hitting the gym? Playing with all those toys you got over the holiday? Well, that's swell. 

    Dwyane Wade missed a wide-open layup, so savor that little nugget if that last week wasn't all you had hoped it would be. 


That Just Looks Like a Lot of Work

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    Photo Credit: Aaron Goodyear Twitter

    WCCO TV's Aaron Goodyear snapped off this picture of a few Metrodome seats that died in the name of Minnesota Vikings mementos. 

    Now you will recall that many, like MPR News' Tim Cook, who reported on Dec. 20 that there was going to be a far-more-visible police presence for the Metrodome's final game hosting the Vikings. 

    The call was to stave off unruly fans but also keep franchise faithful from stealing souvenirs. Um, apparently there are four super sneaky fans who can walk off with the backs of seats without ever being noticed. 

    I'm not even mad. That's amazing

The Collision Isn't the Worst Part

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    Busted Coverage recently spotted this video of a baseball brawl taking place on Dec. 28 in the Australian Baseball League. 

    Now catcher collisions and baseball fights are just part of the sport. Well, collisions used to be a part of the game anyway.  

    However, what we don't have time for is a cheap shot to the face as was provided by Brisbane Bandits' Josh Roberts, who was rightfully served a six-game ban for his jab to Sydney Blue Sox's Danny Arribas' face. 


This Mom Again

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    April Justin is no one-hit wonder. 

    Bleacher Report's Ken Dorset brought us the second installment of this mother being perturbed at her son not choosing to play for LSU. 

    Back in 2012, Landon Collins decided to go to Alabama. Fast forward a couple of years, Gerald Willis III decided to matriculate to Florida over LSU. 

    In both cases, mom acts like the news is the worst thing in the world. We certainly feel bad for her, watching her two sons go on to prestigious programs in front of a captivated nation. 

    Sounds awful.