Zahi Sahli: 200 Articles Later...This Is My Story

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Zahi Sahli: 200 Articles Later...This Is My Story

Bleacher Report is simply a great place to share sports opinions and start debating over sport issues.

My story with B/R is not as simple as many others. Surely we all find it through an ad, via google search, or simply by mistake. What I label "my story" goes far beyond how and when I found about the site.

Whether readers love my style or hate it, I have been born to write. Not that I am that good or that arrogant to say that I'm that good, but because I find myself when I hold a pen and write down my thoughts.

It's a beautiful feeling. As my friend and fellow member of B/R, Abhimanyu Vinay Rajput, discusses the feeling of ultimate jubilation in his latest article, feeling "God" is what we intend to do through our day-to-day practice.

We all search for happiness through different means. I write. That's why Bleacher Report has been instrumental in removing me from a certain world into another.

I had been searching to realize my potential for a while. When the doors of B/R opened up, that's when a journey started.

In life, free spirits are always hungry to fulfill their own potential. As I am rebellious and against routine by nature, I have ever wanted to find a unique path to success.

I cannot imagine myself as an engineer, an accountant, or a doctor, even if some tag those jobs as ideal.

My spirit calls on to me to write. I enjoy it, I thrive for it and I love it.

Writing series of my own, getting a good number of reads and comments show the appreciation, which is an integral part of this community.

Unity. That's the word. Is B/R really just another forum? No. It's a world.

As the future holds more success for the world of Internet, newspapers and magazines might one day be, in their printed shape, extinct. It's sad, but that's where we seem to be heading.

And B/R will continue to grow with all of us. We must all praise those who do well. It's a moral obligation as I see it. Who knows, maybe someone needs the praise?

Maybe sometimes we need to be recognized as good at something not only to be called "good" by people, but to find peace in our life.

Special thanks to my friends Abhimanyu, Salaar, Barney, Maire, Yoosof, Willie, Jamie, Ilya, Callum, Alan, Joe, Carolina, Alex, Danny, Marzia, Andrew, Matthew, Abdul Wadood and everyone.

I hope my writing can bring a smile. If we can inspire one person with our writing, then we can rest assured that our job, as journalists-in-the-making, has been done well.

It's been a wonderful journey and there's more to come!



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