Clinton Portis Wore a Ridiculously Awesome Jacket on 'NFL All Access'

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJanuary 3, 2014

Clinton Portis is a man of many wardrobes.

Sometimes he dresses up as Choo Choo,” the robe-wearing dance instructor. Other times, he prefers Dolemite Jenkins,” the NFL equivalent of Napoleon Dynamite with a “Vote for Pedro” shirt.

Portis’ most recent getup included a bright yellow jacket and a pink tie, which the former Washington Redskins running back wore proudly Thursday night on NFL Total Access. 

The spectacularly weird sight was spotted by Rick Chandler of Sports Grid, and Portis’ outfit began drawing more attention than the playoff prognostication taking place on the show.

Even the folks at the NFL Network couldn’t get over this strange, trench coat-like amalgamation on Portis’ person, and they opted to turn his duds into a Twitter discussion.

Twitter users responded to the outfit, saying it was like something they'd seen before on children’s programming. 

Some said it was the flyest outfit they’d ever seen.

What say you? 

I’m not usually one for the trench coat, as I prefer duster jackets and the door-kicking benefits they bestow upon the wearer. I also don’t find myself hanging out with Scoob and the Gang often enough to justify purchasing professional snooping attire.

You have to hand it to Portis, however; he doesn’t give half—or even a quarter—of a damn when it comes to what others think. The man didn’t even bother to knot his tie—a look we’ll probably see Dwyane Wade and/or Russell Westbrook try to pull off come the NBA postseason.

Touche, Clinton. You’re not always on the grid these days, but when you stop by, you really buzz the tower. 


Portis went full April O’Neil.