Carmelo Anthony = Glenn Robinson?

Kevin DomantayContributor IJune 2, 2009

Many people said that when Carmelo entered the league, it was only the second coming of Glenn Robinson. Same game, similar style of play, and even similar sock length. 

At first, I said: "NO, Melo is way better than Big Dog!"

So I searched some game videos of Big Dog (because I was too young when Robinson was in his prime). After watching some vids, I realized that they really have the same game. 

Both are pure scorers and have very smooth mid-range games. And when I compared their stats, I was so surprised, it's like I was seeing doubles.  

Take a look at their stats (Melo's Stats are not updated).

Man, I never believed that Carmelo Anthony and Glenn Robinson stats could be like carbon copies.



Based on their stats, the only big difference is that Melo is more aggressive in going to the FT line.

I'm a big Melo fan. And I think Melo will not end up like Glenn Robinson, because Melo shows a lot of upside. 

While Robinson, on the other hand, was a steady 20-6-3 player for almost 10 years. Melo is maturing and improving, and showed it this year. 

No more "lack of playoff success" label for him, which I think was the only reason why he is being compared to Robinson. 

I don't know about you guys, but by the time Melo retires, we will just laugh about this.  

What do you think, guys?