UFC Fight Night 34 Results: Winners and Losers from Saffiedine-Lim Fight Card

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistJanuary 4, 2014

UFC Fight Night 34 Results: Winners and Losers from Saffiedine-Lim Fight Card

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    The launch of the UFC Fight Pass digital network came full circle on Saturday as the first international event in UFC Fight Night 34 went down in Singapore.

    Headlined by Tarec Saffiedine and Hyun Gyu Lim, it was the first of many small events that are set to go live on the network.

    If you watched, the stream was immaculate, possessing great picture and awesome quality. In terms of the fights, most of them were exciting bouts that showed some great future staples of the company.

    So, who were the winners and losers coming out of UFC Fight Night 34? Let's take a look right now. 

Winner: The Hawaiians

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    There were three Hawaiians on the prelims, all of whom were teammates. They all won their fights, giving their gym and state something to be proud of. 

    Russell Doane opened the prelims opposite One FC veteran and jiu-jitsu ace Leandro Issa. Doane showed superior striking and great hips when thwarting takedowns.

    Issa was touted as the better ground fighter and the submission specialist, but it was Doane who slapped on a triangle choke and put the Brazilian to sleep. It was a finish that nobody saw coming and put the young Hawaiian on the map.

    Then came UFC vet Dustin Kimura, who took on a game Guam native in Jon Delos Reyes. Early on, Kimura was overwhelmed by the aggression and power of Delos Reyes, getting rocked on the feet.

    However, Kimura recovered once the fight hit the mat, and he was in his world. He threw up an armbar that Delos Reyes defended, but he stay persistent and got it tighter, forcing the tapout.

    Finally, to top off the prelims, Max Holloway took on 6'4" featherweight Will Chope in an unorthodox battle in terms of size. Early on, Holloway struggled to get inside, but persistence paid off.

    Once he got comfortable, he started to land strikes in bunches. He mixed it up well with kicks and shots to the body, eventually putting Chope away with his superior stand-up.

    It was a big night for Hawaii in Singapore.

Loser: The Brazilians

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    Just as the Hawaiians went undefeated on this card, the Brazilians went in a different directionthey were 0-2.

    Leandro Issa, touted as a Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace and having the advantage on the ground, was choked to sleep by Russell Doane, who slapped on a beautiful triangle choke. That choke was better than the one Issa put on earlier, as Doane defended the solid attempt at a triangle choke.

    It got worse than that.

    Luiz Dutra, who had some solid hype coming into this fight, was disqualified after landing a number of shots to the back of the head of Kiichi Kunimoto. His response was that he thought they were on the side of the head, though they were clearly illegal blows.

    Brazil usually does well when represented on a card, but on Saturday, the Brazilians went winless.

Winner: Tatsuya Kawajiri

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    Fans have waited a long time for Tatsuya Kawajiri to finally grace the UFC. Despite some early struggles to get the fight in his world, he showed he was worth the wait.

    He was a brute on the ground, smothering Sean Soriano from the top. He got his back and suffocated him with a body triangle, wearing out the Blackzilian.

    Then, in the second round, Kawajiri was able to finally get a clean choke. Soriano tapped, the ref missed, and Kawajiri put him to sleep. It was a beautiful submission against a game opponent.

    His post-fight interview was entertaining too. He called for a higher level of competition, the Submission of the Night bonus and other things that were highly inaudible. It was first-class entertainment. 

Loser: Illegal Strikes

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    There were a ton of fouls in Singapore. Luckily, not all of them directly ended fights.

    First, Dave Galera blasted Royston Wee with a kick in the face while the two were grappling on the ground. Luckily, Wee took the strike and continued, eventually earning the win.

    Then, on the main card, Kyung Ho Kang nailed Shinichi Shimizu with several illegal elbows in the first round that got him docked two points. He would overcome that setback to eventually tap out the Japanese grappler.

    The worst, though, came in a main card bout between Luiz Dutra and Kiichi Kunimoto.

    While clinched against the cage, Dutra nailed Kunimoto with several elbows to the back of Kunimoto's head, ending that fight in a disqualification. 

    It was a rough night in terms of keeping the strikes clean.

Winner: Main Eventers

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    How good was the Tarec Saffiedine vs. Hyun Gyu Lim fight?

    Lim looked to be on his way to the upset early, peppering the smaller Saffiedine with power strikes. That wouldn't last forever, though, as Saffiedine finally started landing his crippling leg kicks, which greatly slowed Lim.

    The action was non-stop and exciting to all those in attendance. Both men showed tremendous heart throughout the bout, and neither was completely out of the fight.

    At the end, clearly down on the scorecards, Lim drew energy from the card, gave a yell and went for the kill. He stunned and almost finished the Belgian, but luckily Saffiedine escaped. 

    Win or lose, both men pushed their stock higher with their performances.

Winner: Fans Around the World

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    Whether you were in attendance in Singapore for the great card or watching the awesome stream quality on UFC Fight Pass, if you woke up to watch this card, it was worth it.

    Those on the card performed well and generally put on fun performances. The crowd in Singapore was great, making the fights even better.

    Plus, if you were like me and woke up bright (or dark in this case) and early, you got a fun fight card on a great, high-quality stream. Watching this card was definitely a win for UFC fans everywhere.